DCIM100GOPROThis website offers a compilation of articles and concise quotes that represent Divine consciousness as interpreted through the individualized mind of Hope Johnson.

The content on this site is intended to uplift and inspire soul awakening. If any of the material herein makes you feel angry, uncomfortable or negative,take some deep breaths and recognize that the egoic self is terrified of these Truths because your awareness of them means death to who you think you are.

If you will be courageous enough to keep looking beyond fear, your mind created self will awaken to the real You, and discover more and more deeply the unbounded Joy, Compassion and Love that you were meant to express and experience in this lifetime.

Many Blessings!


  • Food For Thought

    Christ Consciousness

    Christ consciousness is available to everyone now. It's being offered effortlessly through every pore in my body.

    If you are open to receiving this blessing of ecstasy beyond words, just be willing to give up your self made world and allow the love in your heart to keep expanding until it encompasses all of creation.

    With much Aloha!

    • Religious Fanaticism vs Aversion

      Religious fanaticism and religious aversion are two sides of the same thread of conflict. I’m aware of this because I have experience in playing both sides in this lifetime. But I have found there is no trace of conflict in the silent space that exists before the mind moves to imagine who God is, and […]

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    • Female Expectations

      My body is female, but I am neither male nor female. I’m fully aware of this and so I don’t get lost in taking this temporary role as a woman personal. In this way, I’m never bothered by people’s expectations about how a woman, wife or mother ought to be. I’m just free to live […]

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    • Affirmations

      Affirmations are not meaningful to me. Saying to myself that I am anything at all is to tell a lie… I am that I am, and I have no desire to add illusions to the false self or to the dream reality. Not only that, but to claim that I am one thing is to […]

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    • Pain is no Problem

      Physical discomfort, pain and tension are not problems for me because I’m aware that they are meant to be experienced from a deeper sense of comfort, joy and appreciation for all biological processes… It’s only when I try to attain or maintain an ideal picture of physical vitality that I can be impressed by fear, […]

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    • Self Importance

      I don’t see myself as important in any relationship. This is because I’m aware that myself is nothing more than a temporary thought structure designed for the purpose of bringing forth the love that I am. In this awareness, I fully surrender myself to the fact that I am adored for the all encompassing love […]

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    • Kids and Respect – Part 2

      Respect. It’s what parents think they want from their kids.   So, one might ask, “how do I get respect from my kids without demanding it”? But even that is nothing more than an attempt to gain a survival skill in a world built upon made-up constructs. You are so much more powerful than that! […]

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