DCIM100GOPROThis website offers a compilation of articles and concise quotes that represent Divine consciousness as interpreted through the individualized mind of Hope Johnson.

The content on this site is intended to uplift and inspire soul awakening. If any of the material herein makes you feel angry, uncomfortable or negative,take some deep breaths and recognize that the egoic self is terrified of these Truths because your awareness of them means death to who you think you are.

If you will be courageous enough to keep looking beyond fear, your mind created self will awaken to the real You, and discover more and more deeply the unbounded Joy, Compassion and Love that you were meant to express and experience in this lifetime.

Many Blessings!


  • Food For Thought


    If you find yourself wanting for anything, it's only because consciousness is operating under a mistaken version of reality. 
    You want for nothing. Wanting is only an appearance within a dream of separation. 
    Thank you! I love you!!

    • Stories are not True

      Whatever is uttered forth by your mouth is because of consciousness. With every word, consciousness tells a story about a person.  You are the one watching consciousness pretend to be a person with a story, but you have no words and no story.  This pretending would not be any cause for suffering, except that in […]

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    • Self Doubt is a Trick!

      Self doubt is a trick!  No one is capable of doubting who they really are.  It’s only illusions that can and must be subject to doubt.  Like all delusional thoughts… Self doubt is meant to distract attention away from the fact that the self in question never really existed.  Thank you for being undoubtable! I […]

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    • Escape from Pain and Suffering

      I know better than to try and escape pain and suffering by running to thought for solutions. The best that can come of it is temporary relief through the denial of what is…which is a set up for more extreme suffering in the future. Thinking is what moves me to deny my position as pure […]

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    • Illness and Health are Equal 

      Illness proves the existence of health, and health proves the existence of illness. Indeed, everything make believe needs an opposite to appear as if it’s real. Under the spell of self identified mind, consciousness craves for recovery when faced with illness because of the belief that health is better than illness…unaware that these opposites are […]

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    • Trying to Love

      Trying to love is really another form of resistance to love.  It’s a built-in mechanism of mind that aims at keeping hidden the fact that there is nothing but love, and that which lacks love is only an illusion.  Love is never really lacking. It only gets covered up by ideas about someone who is […]

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    • Kids and Respect – Part 2

      Respect. It’s what parents think they want from their kids.   So, one might ask, “how do I get respect from my kids without demanding it”? But even that is nothing more than an attempt to gain a survival skill in a world built upon made-up constructs. You are so much more powerful than that! […]

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