DCIM100GOPROThis website offers a compilation of articles and concise quotes that represent Divine consciousness as interpreted through the individualized mind of Hope Johnson.

The content on this site is intended to uplift and inspire soul awakening. If any of the material herein makes you feel angry, uncomfortable or negative,take some deep breaths and recognize that the egoic self is terrified of these Truths because your awareness of them means death to who you think you are.

If you will be courageous enough to keep looking beyond fear, your mind created self will awaken to the real You, and discover more and more deeply the unbounded Joy, Compassion and Love that you were meant to express and experience in this lifetime.

Many Blessings!


  • Food For Thought

    Permission to Love

    I don't need your approval in order to love you. This just comes naturally for me.

    • Heart Centered

      Physically, the entire human body is an extension of the heart, so to be fully in the heart is synonymous with being fully embodied. But before full embodiment can happen, one must be willing to experience every sensation exactly as it is….without desire to change it, deny it, blame something for it, or create a different […]

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    • Female Expectations

      My body is female, but I am neither male nor female. I’m fully aware of this and so I don’t get lost in taking this temporary role as a woman personal. In this way, I’m never bothered by people’s expectations about how a woman, wife or mother ought to be. I’m just free to live […]

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    • Self as God

      Imagining the individual self to be a god is what happens in the moment the child mind is impressed by fearful circumstances and thereby mistakenly perceives itself to have been abandoned by God. Due to such misperception, the child in turn abandons God by thinking itself to be a god of sorts amongst many other […]

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    • Feeding the Body

      For the past few years I have not been subscribing to any diet regimen or food concepts. When hunger arises, I simply observe what available foods resonate most with my body and then I eat with reverence, gratitude and joy according to her wisdom.

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    • As you Measure the World

      Watch how you measure other people. This is how you are causing your own self to be measured in the mind of God. When you’re ready to surrender the burden of self concepts to God’s holy judgment, you will have to go through the suffering you have made for yourself…but the gift of Eternal Life […]

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    • Kids and Respect – Part 2

      Respect. It’s what parents think they want from their kids.   So, one might ask, “how do I get respect from my kids without demanding it”? But even that is nothing more than an attempt to gain a survival skill in a world built upon made-up constructs. You are so much more powerful than that! […]

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