DCIM100GOPROThis website offers a compilation of articles and concise quotes that represent Divine consciousness as interpreted through the individualized mind of Hope Johnson.

The content on this site is intended to uplift and inspire soul awakening. If any of the material herein makes you feel angry, uncomfortable or negative,take some deep breaths and recognize that the egoic self is terrified of these Truths because your awareness of them means death to who you think you are.

If you will be courageous enough to keep looking beyond fear, your mind created self will awaken to the real You, and discover more and more deeply the unbounded Joy, Compassion and Love that you were meant to express and experience in this lifetime.

Many Blessings!


  • Food For Thought

    Negative & Positive

    There's no negative and positive. Everything is equal.

    This must be understood deeply before one can discover ultimate peace and happiness. 

    • Emotions in Perspective

      When I speak of love, compassion and appreciation, I’m not speaking of emotions. These are words that describe the perspective from which the full range of emotions is meant to be experienced. From said perspective, it’s impossible to act out of emotional ignorance, and therefore peace and harmony (God’s love) prevails in every circumstance. And […]

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    • Earth Day

      I’ve been intuitively aware this whole lifetime that Mother Earth does not need my concern. Now I’m experientially aware that while all material forms, including human bodies are born out of Earth elements….every material form, including Earth herself is only a temporary reflection of the mind. In this awareness it’s become plainly obvious that to […]

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    • Death is an Illusion

      There is no death. The idea that anyone can be put out of their misery is an illusion. The experience of pain and suffering without wisdom is what gives power to such an insane idea. In fact, the majority of human relationships to religion and spirituality are based on the concept that this life is […]

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    • Pain is no Problem

      Physical discomfort, pain and tension are not problems for me because I’m aware that they are meant to be experienced from a deeper sense of comfort, joy and appreciation for all biological processes… It’s only when I try to attain or maintain an ideal picture of physical vitality that I can be impressed by fear, […]

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    • Possessive Relationships

      One thing that makes romantic partnership difficult is the idea of possessing one another. There is nothing that can be possessed…and I’ve found that it takes both partners allowing the other to be as the are for intimacy to deepen over time. In common relationships, there is romantic fire, which leads into two people having […]

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    • Kids and Respect – Part 2

      Respect. It’s what parents think they want from their kids.   So, one might ask, “how do I get respect from my kids without demanding it”? But even that is nothing more than an attempt to gain a survival skill in a world built upon made-up constructs. You are so much more powerful than that! […]

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