Nutrition for Radiant Health

Nutrition is a very important component of our health. Every nutrient, anti-nutrient and toxic substance has an effect on the body, and that determines our health, beauty, energy levels and vitality.

Eating natural foods in a form that is easily recognized, absorbed, assimilated, utilized and eliminated supports the radiant body for a lifetime.


Uncooked fat which has not been heated above 118° Fahrenheit is extremely healthy and beneficial to our bodies.

That’s right! The most feared nutrient in America is actually the most important one for beauty, vibrant health, fitness, weight loss, brain function, toxin elimination, mood elevation, a feeling of satiety and more. It has been disparaged by the media and through education as something that makes us gain weight, and thus should be consumed in very limited quantities.

Fat goes with everything, and it’s a good idea to eat raw fat with everything. Below are some examples of good quality fat:

All Raw:

– Butter, cream, whole milk

– Fatty wild salmon or yellow tail

– Cold pressed coconut, olive or nut oils

– Avocado

– Coconut

– Cacao Butter

Unprocessed foods:

Consider buying as few foods from boxes or cans as possible. Eat whole unprocessed and preferably uncooked food – this means fruit, vegetable juice, meat, dairy, eggs, fish and oils.

Since conventional animal products and produce have been seriously degraded by current farming standards, it’s very important to adhere to the following:

  1. Beef, red meat and dairy products should be organic and from 100% grass-fed animals.
    1. Organic means the animal was given no hormones or antibiotics, and only ate chemical-free food.
    2. 100% grass-fed preserves the proper Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio making beef and other red meat a very healthy food.
    3. Dairy products only have health benefits when raw (not pasteurized and not homogenized).
      1. i.      Pasteurized means heated to kill the bacteria. When you have healthy cows, the milk only contains beneficial bacteria which are great for digestion; and enzymes which are catalysts for every bodily process. When dairy is heated, dead bacteria and enzymes remain which cause allergies and illness.
      2. ii.      Homogenization is used to crush the fat molecules in milk so that the fat does not rise to the top. This changes the molecules to a form that is harmful to the body.
  2. Chicken and eggs from animals that were free to graze on grass and bugs, and were fed the least amount of soy possible. Not only is soy an unhealthy food for people, but it also negatively affects the Omega profile and taste while it increases toxicity in chicken and eggs.
  3. Fish should be fresh and wild – with the exception of muscles like oyster and clam, farmed fish is given substandard feed which negatively affects the nutritional content.  Most fish is contaminated with mercury.  So it is of utmost importance to eat fish raw so that the mercury can be easily excreted from the body.  If it is eaten with plenty of raw fat, or fatty fish is eaten, raw fish can chelate mercury previously stored in the body.
  4. Fruit should be fresh and organic or preferably biodynamic so that the body does not have to process the toxic residue from chemical fertilizers or sprays.
  5. Vegetable nutrients are encased within cellulose which cannot be easily accessed by the action of the human digestive tract.  However, the nutrients are very much available when vegetables are juiced but not pasteurized.  Alternatively, vegetables can be eaten lightly steamed.

Follow your instincts – when choosing from whole foods as described above, eat as much as desired while paying attention to how the food makes you feel – using trial and error to get the proper balance.

Processed Food:

Nuts, seeds, whole grains and legumes aka beans have to go through a process of soaking and sprouting in order to be digestible. Specifically, these foods naturally contain enzyme inhibitors which impede digestion, and phytic acid which also blocks the absorption of many minerals in the intestines.

Eating the non-soaked and sprouted version of these foods leads to mineral deficiencies, bone loss, and suppressed thyroid function.

Once sprouted, nuts and seeds can be made into butter or dehydrated so that they are crispy. Grains and legumes can be further processed by cooking.

Grain is a sugar spiking, mucous-forming food with few available nutrients. If making grain a staple food for budgetary reasons, in addition to soaking/sprouting, it is beneficial to combine slow-cooked homemade broth with every meal.


Our bodies need as much water as we desire. While water is essential for radiant health, too much water bloats the cells and puts extra stress on the kidneys. Fresh, raw food contains a high water content which is easily processed for efficient hydration. Thus, supplemental water may not be necessary unless we are subject to very hot weather or we engage in strenuous exercise.

The quality of water is far more important than the amount because whatever is not absorbed by the cells puts stress on the system that counteracts the hydration benefit. Water is most beneficial to the body when it’s free of harmful chemicals, it contains a natural balance of minerals and the molecules are small enough to be absorbed by the cells.

The best water contains little or no contaminants from pollution and has been filtered through the Earth. When water filters through the earth, it picks up a vibration that can synchronize the rhythm of the body to its ideal frequency.

Next to fresh unheated vegetable juice, good water is the healthiest drink choice. Herbal tea is beneficial in moderation. However, caffeine dehydrates the body and taxes organs and glands, thus it’s best to steer clear of coffee and other stimulants as much as possible.

A wonderful tonic that can increase energy consists of still mineral water with 2 TBL apple cider vinegar, juice of a lime and a tablespoon of unheated honey. This may create a mild nauseas feeling at first, while the body is eliminating large amounts of surface toxins. But, this is an amazing energy drink that enhances vitality more and more over time.

Soda is just a concoction of chemicals which are very damaging to the body. A healthy alternative is naturally sparkling (no co2 added) mineral water (Gerolsteiner or Perrier), and a less healthy alternative is natural soda that is made with mineral water and honey or stevia (Dr. Tima).

Artificial sweeteners such as Equal or Splenda are neurotoxins and should not be consumed by anyone under any circumstance.

Aloha and Welcome!

This website offers a compilation of articles and concise quotes that represent Divine consciousness as interpreted through the individualized mind of Hope Johnson.

The content on this site is intended to uplift and inspire soul awakening.  If any of the material herein makes you feel angry, uncomfortable or negative, take some deep breaths and recognize that the egoic self is terrified of these Truths because your awareness of them means death to who you think you are.

If you will be courageous enough to keep looking beyond fear, your mind created self will awaken to the real You, and discover more and more deeply the unbounded Joy, Compassion and Love that you were meant to express and experience in this lifetime.

Many Blessings!

Applied Equality

Belief Systems and Perceived Identities are Well Established:

Most people base their identity on how they believe that other people perceive them. Through constant comparison to others, and evaluation of how well we are meeting their expectations, a false image of self is created by the mind.
At present, certain religious groups seek to prevent gays from legally getting married, openly serving in the military, and from joining their religious groups. Their polar opposites are homosexuals who base their identity on how certain other members of society view them, and thus feel that they are unequal.

Many religious people fear homosexuality because they identify themselves with interpretations of the bible which teach that homosexuality is sinful. When gays openly express themselves through a perspective that defies others perception of “normal”, this threatens their belief system – which is a healthy and natural catalyst for change.

However, gays commonly use organized protest in attempt to control how these religious groups view them. Through protest, they endeavor to force their “opponents” to change religious or moral beliefs and stop opposing gay rights; or they look to media to expose how “their people” are being victimized by certain religious groups, and hope that society will put pressure on those groups to accept homosexuality.

Instead, protest is perceived by followers of the subject religious belief systems as a direct attack on their morals and principles, which serves to reinforce their resolve to discredit the homosexual lifestyle; and this in turn creates more perceptions of inequality. As a result the “us against them” mentality is strengthened on both sides, the battle against one another in the desperate pursuit of acceptance and righteousness is intensified; and the polarity between the two groups is magnified.

Effectuating Change through Peace:

Although through protest we may force certain laws or policies to be changed, acceptance of others cannot be forced or even taught – it is simply known at the core of every being. Thus, the way to effectuate real change is to demonstrate equality through our own actions.

As a start, we can recognize that some people are are simply not yet able to appreciate that we are all equal – and we can accept those who are theologically opposed to a gay lifestyle.

As more people offer independent thoughts, feelings and actions which express their equality, others will continue evolving to accept and appreciate them. Specifically, when people know and respect you as a school teacher, a baseball player, a fireman, a policeman, a dancer, a coach, etc. who happens to be gay; each of your relationships, whether close or casual, promotes acceptance by and of all people.

However, when we are consumed with our statuses, it creates a false sense of separation from others who either do not hold our same status, or who hold beliefs that oppose our status. Then we stand back and criticize others because they make us feel uncomfortable for being who we are.

Holding a one-dimensional view of self creates fear of stepping outside of our comfort zone and associating with people on different levels of awareness, or with people who hold opposite viewpoints. In this way, many gays live their lives identifying with others’ ideas that they are inferior; and acceptance as equals cannot come from this point of view.

When we know who we are, we can easily love ourselves and everyone else – then we do not require the approval of others to express our true selves. From that vantage point we are powerful creators of change simply by being in the world and enjoying our time here.

In this way, we are able to savor every ounce of pleasure we can squeeze out of life, while simultaneously raising awareness that people with different lifestyles are deserving of acceptance and equality.

Defining Ourselves

There is no system that can make anyone think anything. Thought is completely voluntary and very powerful. In fact, thought is what creates our reality.

We have a tendency to allow our perception of self to be influenced by government, media, society, parents, teachers, and all other forms of outside influence. Our perceptions become the subject of dominant thought patterns, which in turn become our beliefs. These beliefs are then played out through our life experiences.

When we realize that we are free to make up our own minds about what will become of us, and we deliberately choose thoughts that agree with what we want to become, we reclaim the power of our own creation.

Let’s break free from our conditioned ways of thinking and realize that the creative power is, always has been, and always will be within each of us.

Healthy Cholesterol

Don’t believe the hype about high cholesterol. A cholesterol number is a completely insignificant factor when it comes to measuring heath.

Cholesterol is a protective substance manufactured by the liver in the amount your body determines to be optimum in order to maintain wellbeing. Attempting to control the amount of cholesterol being produced is counterproductive to the body’s intelligence.

Study after study has shown that it is not the amount of cholesterol, but the oxidation rate which causes hypertension. Oxidation happens when consumed free radicals react with cholesterol in the body.

Massive amounts of free radicals are created when oils are exposed to sunlight, oxygen or heat. Such as with rancid, refined or hydrogenated oils, cooked fatty meat, pasteurized dairy and thoroughly cooked eggs.

Eating healthy fat can neutralize these free radicals as well as plaque, and escort them from the body. Thus, the best defense against cholesterol related disease is to eat a diet that contains plenty of unheated fats and oils, especially coconut oil, raw meat and dairy from grass-fed cows, raw wild fatty fish such as salmon or yellow tail belly, and raw or sunny side up eggs from naturally raised free range chickens.

It is also important to avoid or eliminate all heated fats, especially fried and burned fatty foods, including refined and hydrogenated oils (this includes canola oil). When these foods are consumed, it is a good idea to FOLLOW the food with high fiber vegetables it order to sweep the intestines so that fewer of toxic substances are absorbed by the body.

How much fat should you eat? Every body is unique, so follow your own instincts.

Life: Slow Down

Most of us have noticed how time seems to pass more rapidly as we grow older. Indeed weeks, months and years appear to fly by. Where does all the time go? Actually, it is our perception of time that is causing us to believe that our lives are passing quickly.

Certain chemicals are released and neurons are fired by the brain in response to our thoughts. Whether a thought is offered in response to a present occurrence, a memory, an imagined scenario, or a future expectation, the brain releases chemicals which trigger emotions and send messages to every cell in the body.

Each thought is mechanically processed by the brain as an experience – without distinction between whether that experience is occurring in real time, remembered, or imagined. While the non-mechanical mind is aware that past memories and imagined scenarios are not occurring in the present moment, the physical brain and body perceive all thoughts as actual, real time experiences.

Moreover, the brain evaluates our thoughts in order to calculate its perception of time-space reality. The more thought experience we offer, the more the brain compensates by creating a perception that time must be moving faster.

As children, we had very few memories and fewer ideas of future outcomes. Thus, we had little choice but to live in the present moment most of the time. For this reason time seemed to barely move at all – it almost stood still.

With age, we accumulate and rehash more memories and we create more scenarios of past and future outcomes. Most of these thought experiences are involuntary, and are offered at the same time we are also engaged in a real time experience.

In fact, with age we are likely to develop a “racing mind” which continuously and rapidly entertains memories, scenarios and programmed thought patterns. This leads to mental and physical exhaustion, as well as the perception of time passing at breakneck speeds.

Using the very mechanics of our brains, we have the ability to both slow down our perception of time, and create a much more joyful life experience in the process. With attention to our thoughts, we can use our brain as a tool for living in the present moment – using past memories and predicting outcomes only when necessary.

By paying attention, we can evaluate each thought pattern and determine whether it is productive. Then we can offer thoughts which bring us back into the present moment.

Focusing on the journey through each moment will make life less predictable and extend our experience of time.

From Pride to Knowing

There seems to be a lot of emphasis on being prideful these days.  We hear about black pride, gay pride, pride for having an honor student, etc.  There are even bumper stickers about how proud people are.

What is this emotion of pride? And why is it being promoted as a feeling that should be basked in and displayed for others to see?

Pride is not love because it is conditional – Pride is a perceived sense of worthiness based upon an inherited or achieved status, hence it would be subject to withdrawal if that status or achievement were different.  Love is unconditional and it is never changed, diminished, or lost for any reason.

We are here to fully and completely enjoy this diversity and contrast we call reality.  When we feel love for ourselves, for all others, and for everything that is – we can release pride as we bask in the delightful experience that is love.

Pride is not joy because it demands to be acknowledged by others as being something or having accomplished something of value.  When others do not see that value, a feeling of pride has a tendency to slip into anger, shame or depression.  Conversely, joy emanates from the soul and can only be shrouded, but never diminished by judgments of mind.

Moreover, when a person vibrates with a prideful feeling, they attract others who hold judgments of hate, shame, guilt, resentment or even pity for them.  When these judgments are perceived, the mind tells us to hold stronger to the feeling of pride, lest we allow ourselves to be shamed – and the cycle repeats itself with stronger feelings of resistance as we allow our minds to take us down this path.

The reason anyone would adopt a sense of pride in the first place is to command acceptance.  When that doesn’t work out, and we get the opposite of what we wanted, we push harder – we resist our true selves more – and life is quite a bit less joyful than it was meant to be.

Pride is not knowledge because it carries a vibration of fear.  Throughout life, we notice others who expect us to feel shameful for something that we are or something that we have done.  Our mind convinces us that a prideful feeling is essential to thwart these expectations.  Our mind tends to cling to the prideful feeling because it fears shame, which is its opposite.

Knowledge recognizes the self as being magnificent in its own right and that nothing can diminish the self except judgments of the mind.

That being said, pride is not a “bad” emotion, but an instructional one.  When we are aware of a prideful feeling, we can release it before the mind creates fear from it.  We can achieve this release by directing our thoughts to love/appreciation/joy that we created what we are, and that we have the opportunity to experience reality from this vantage point.

In this way, we can bring ourselves closer to knowing that we are perfection itself.  And that perfection, that purity – although it is the only thing really worthy of pride – does not know pride.