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Conscious Eating: Snacks

Conscious living and conscious eating go hand in hand.

Snacking tip: I like dates with butter or sprouted sesame seeds with honey, or homemade chocolate with sprouted almonds. Delicious and highly nutritous!

From Hope: Inspired Words

We all eventually return to our true selves which is pure joy. However, many of us choose to stay focused on the negative, and thus do not make this connection until after we have experienced physical death.

Nutrition for Radiant Health

Eating natural foods in a form that is easily recognized, absorbed, assimilated, utilized and eliminated supports the radiant body for a lifetime.

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From Hope: Inspired Words

In challenging situations, the only thing I consciously try to "understand" is how I am feeling now and which thoughts or actions will strengthen my connection to the source of my being - which is pure joy.

Wisdom invariably flows from this connection.

Aloha and Welcome!

This website offers a compilation of articles and concise quotes that represent Divine consciousness as interpreted through the individualized mind of Hope Johnson.

The content on this site is intended to uplift and inspire soul awakening.  If any of the…

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Applied Equality

Most people base their identity on how they believe that other people perceive them. Through constant comparison to others, and evaluation of how well we are meeting their expectations, a false image of self is created by the mind.

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Defining Ourselves

There is no system that can make anyone think anything. Thought is completely voluntary and very powerful. In fact, thought is what creates our reality.

We have a tendency to allow our perception of self to be influenced by government,…

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Healthy Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a protective substance manufactured by the liver in the amount your body determines to be optimum in order to maintain wellbeing. Attempting to control the amount of cholesterol being produced is counterproductive to the body’s intelligence.

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Life: Slow Down

Using the very mechanics of our brains, we have the ability to both slow down our perception of time, and create a much more joyful life experience in the process.

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From Pride to Knowing

There seems to be a lot of emphasis on being prideful these days.  We hear about black pride, gay pride, pride for having an honor student, etc.  There are even bumper stickers about how proud people are.

What is this…

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