Life Keeps Improving

Life is Good

Every manifestation in the physical begins with thought born from experience.  Life on planet Earth keeps getting better because our perspective for improvement is constantly becoming more and more refined with each human experience.

The existence of circumstances and situations which we regard as negative will always exist to varying degrees because without them there could be no distinction from which a perspective for improvement could be developed.  Likewise, out of each improvement, more contrast is born from which we can focus a new perspective for even more improvement.

For these reasons, expansion is infinite.  We will never be finished creating and since we are natural creators, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We always have the option of staying focused on the negatives and thereby creating and attracting more negative circumstances, or we can choose to focus upon our perspective for improvement.  If we choose the latter, and then take action according to any inspiration that arises from our positive focus, we can shift our experience toward the improvements we seek.

Even if we do not take action directly, our perspective (whether positive or negative) is expressed by vibration into the universe.  Through our thoughts, we have the power to either strengthen the flow of energy in the direction of improvement or degradation.  Since our vibration attracts matching events, circumstances and people, we are effectively creating and promoting that which we primarily focus upon.

While deliberately focusing our awareness creates positive change more rapidly, human beings always naturally return to creating the improvement we want, and eventually everything either makes positive transformation or fades away.

For example – even as government is engaging in war, raising taxes, and regulating our freedoms, we are gaining a clearer perspective for the improved government that we seek.  When we choose to believe that our perspective for improvement is possible and allow our predominant thoughts to reside in the improved reality, we will effectively shift our experience.

Indeed, we have realized that we don’t like death that results from war, and even though world peace is not yet a manifested reality, we have created and continue to refine technology that results in drastically fewer casualties of war.  Also, since human innovation has made the world more accessible for trade, travel, and communication – there are more peaceful negotiations between the nations of the world.

When the majority of us also believe that we are capable of creating our own lives, and we no longer look for something outside of ourselves to produce health, happiness and abundance – we will create all of these things, plus government that regulates hardly at all.

Another example of improvement comes from our noticing how medical and farming technology has contributed to “incurable” diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Because we have noticed this, more people are researching and discovering that energetic healing and proper nutrition are superior treatments in most instances, and our experience is gradually shifting back toward natural healing – only this time with the added benefit of the life enhancing medical miracles which we have created.

These are only a few examples of how life on Earth is continually improving.  If we look, we will notice how more possibilities for improvement are being made available to us all the time.  When we follow our creative instinct, we are able to create anything that we believe to be possible.

The power of creation is within each of us, and we are every bit as capable as we deem ourselves to be.

Transforming Emotions

When dealing with anger, depression, fear, stress or anxiety, it’s important to get ourselves to a good place before saying or doing anything that may evoke regret.  Once we can attain a calm mind and deep breath, the words and actions we choose will be much more productive.

The key is to stay present with our thoughts.  When we notice any uncomfortable or painful emotion, it benefits us to stop what we are doing, and immediately focus awareness on the breath.

From there, the breathing can be slowed and deepened, bringing mental activity back under conscious control and turning emotion into inspiration.   To perform this alchemy, keep the lips together, face relaxed, and breathe deeply and lightly through the nose, all the way to the bottom of the abdomen.  Think about the breath filling from your pelvic floor, upward.  After the abdomen expands fully, allow the breath to move up the sides of the spine and into the chest.  On the exhale, release the breath from the chest first, then down the sides of the spine, and finally release it from the abdomen, contracting the abdominal muscles gently to get the last little breath of  air out.

After about three breaths, the mind should be more focused.  Now, while continuing this breath, allow the mind to identify any tension in the body and gently release it.  This may take one to thirty more breaths.  Do this until you feel relieved of mental stress and muscular contraction.

From this new perspective the perceiver is open to information that can be used to make the most out of any circumstance or situation.  Remember, EVERYTHING is easier with a calm mind and deep breath.

I Love Bacteria!

There are roHeart Shaped Meatughly 10 times more bacterial cells than human cells in the human body.  I like to think of bacteria as the body’s garbage men.  Bacteria feed on dead and damaged tissue and eliminate them from the body.  The action of bacteria in the gut is necessary for proper digestion and elimination – when the concentration is low, we experience digestive problems including irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, indigestion and constipation.

Even the brain requires bacteria to detoxify, and it does not function properly without adequate amounts of bacteria.   People with decreased bacterial count tend to experience mental symptoms such as depression, frustration and rage.

Some bacteria is pathogenic, in fact we have some pathogenic bacteria on and in our bodies at all times.  Pathogenic bacteria are harmless in small amounts, and can cause severe detoxification/elimination, disease or even death in large amounts – especially when not balanced with the different types of bacteria.

By eating fresh raw grass-fed meat, free-range chicken and fresh or fermented dairy products, we introduce the proper balance of bacteria for maintaining excellent health.  While it’s true that raw meat and chicken can cause food poisoning, it’s not likely because if there are too much pathogenic bacteria for an individual, the meat will smell rotten to them.

Specifically, when meat is cooked, bacteria breed more rapidly, and humans are not alerted to the presence of a harmful amount of bacteria because our instinct through the sense of smell is hampered by the cooking.  That’s why people get food poisoning from cooked meat, not raw meat.

Raw grass-fed dairy will sour, supporting the growth of more beneficial bacteria, which naturally keeps pathogenic bacteria in check.  Soured milk is a very good source of friendly bacteria and it’s a superior source for replenishing the bacterial count in those who eat a lot of cooked food or take medical drugs of any kind.  On the other hand, cooked (pasteurized) dairy will rot, making it even more dangerous than the fresh variety.

For a good source of raw grass-fed meat and dairy, Click Here.   If one is squeamish about raw meat or dairy, it is absolutely essential to take a probiotic supplement for friendly bacteria, like one or both of these products:  Click Here.

Bacteria love you, and if you love them too, they can help you to live a long, healthy, disease-free life.

Best Birthday Ever!!

What an amazing day!  I woke up at 7:00 a.m. to many more birthday wishes than I expected via Facebook and text message.  While nursing my 16 month old baby, Braun, I responded to all of them using my Blackberry.  Before leaving Glen Ivy Day Spa at 9:00 a.m., I received and responded to several more Birthday wishes.  By the time I arrived at Glen Ivy, I had more birthday wishes than I was able to respond to.

I began my day feeling happily overwhelmed by the kindness of so many people.  When I lied down for my first treatment – a body wrap – I felt a strong relaxing and loving current running through my body.  In recent years, I have been able to feel my energy current with attention to it, but this time it was spontaneous.  I can only attribute this to the outpouring of love and attention that I was constantly receiving from so many people.  This feeling continued throughout the entire day, and was noticeable whenever I was still, which was often!!

I loved to see the look on the nail technician’s face when I told her I wanted a pedicure without nail polish.  Once my toes were perfectly shaped and shiny, I went to the large lounge pool where several ladies were relaxing.  Some of the ladies snuck in jello shooters and were offering them to any takers.  I passed, but did accept a glass of red wine.

We then went to Club Mud where we got completely mudded down.  The mud looks beautiful when first applied, but as it dries, it looks like dull, dead skin is coming off of our bodies.  After we rinsed the mud from our bodies, we relaxed a little bit more in the sun before getting some lunch – I snuck in my favorite meal of wild raw salmon, brown seaweed and ginger – it was very satisfying.

For the rest of the day, we hit different pools, and remained very relaxed while we enjoyed each others company.   For our last event, we hit The Grotto where we were painted with an aloe/kelp moisturizing treatment, before heading to a warm underground cave to socialize while we massaged the treatment into our skin.

The closing time for the spa was 6:00, but we didn’t leave until 6:45 – we just had to squeeze every ounce of pleasure from this day!!

As I drove home, I thought about how wonderful the day had been and all of the loving people in my life.  I thought about my baby Braun and how I wanted to hold him.   As soon as I opened the door, Braun came running up to me so happy, as if he was both surprised and relieved to see me.  I immediately held him and nursed him – he looked like he was in heaven!!

Finally, we gathered up our family and headed for JT Schmidts in Anaheim.  We laughed and enjoyed each other’s company while sharing fun food and a very rich chocolate cake for dessert.

I came home and nursed Braun to sleep with a feeling of deep love, joy and knowledge the all is well.

By this morning, I had received another 75 birthday wishes, and I will not be able to personally respond to all of them, but I greatly appreciate the outpouring of attention from so many!!

Omega 3 for Ideal Weight and Mood

Only meat and dairy from beef and game animals that are 100% grass-fed and grass finished contain proper amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids for optimal brain balance, thermogenic (heat raising) effect, lean muscle growth and repair, and reduction of inflammation throughout the body.

In fact, the concentration of Omega 3’s in ruminant (grass-fed) animals rivals that of wild salmon.  While it is best to eat meat raw for maximum health benefits, lightly cooked meat is still a very healthy food provided the animal has been fed properly and raised without antibiotics or hormones.

The majority of meat in grocery stores is factory farmed which means it comes from animals that have been grain-fed or grain finished, raised in unsanitary conditions and given pharmaceutical drugs.  In addition to other issues, these products contain an unbalanced Omega 3 to  Omega 6 ratio, resulting in an unhealthful product.

Even beef and other red meat labeled “grass-fed” are generally grain-finished meaning the animal was fed grain or corn during the last few months in order to fatten it up.

To ensure that your meat and dairy products are 100% grass-fed, organic and raised with loving care I recommend getting to know the farmers and understand their practices before buying any of these products for your home.  For superior meat and dairy products which I use in my own home, please check out U.S. Wellness Meats.


A successful life is one with predominantly joyous experiences. When we make our purpose to get as much joy possible out of everything we do, we align ourselves with unlimited possibilities; and more joy evoking circumstances and situations will be  attracted into our experience.

You already are everything you want to be. The most difficult part is allowing what you want to come into your awareness.  By thinking about how you expect to feel once you reach a perceived level of success, allowing yourself to feel that way NOW, and by taking action that is inspired toward what you want – circumstances and situations will naturally evolve to easily produce the success you desire.

After Soccer Snack

Salmon With Nama Shoyu
Raw Wild Salmon with Nama Shoyu

My 7 year old son, Blaze really enjoys playing soccer and other high energy sports and activities.  He is also quite fond of eating fun food including sweets.

I like to encourage my kids to be active, healthy and enjoy life to the fullest. At the farmers market today, I bought Blaze a small German chocolate cake made by a baker who uses real ingredients in his products.  Blaze  got to enjoy the cake after soccer practice, and after he had eaten something with plenty of good raw fat and protein.

Tonight, Blaze chose fatty raw wild salmon with raw fermented soy sauce.  I know that the raw fat in the wild salmon will help to neutralize and eliminate the cooked fat and sugars in the cake; while the protein helps heal and rebuild his muscles.  The pleasure he experienced while enjoying both foods keeps him happy, focused and ready for what’s next.

Vaccinations and the Immune System

Nothing in the Universe was created as something for human beings to fix. We did not come into this experience to alter anything in the natural world, including our own bodies.

One of the ways that vaccinations work is by powerfully stimulating the microglia which leads to loss of brain connections. The human immune system provides body-wide surveillance through these brain connections, the loss of which can lead to mental and physical disease.

Taking a vaccine is like using chemical fertilizers to raise produce. It might keep some of the bugs off, but the integrity of the soil is being compromised!

Releasing Struggle

Adversity will always exist for the continuous expansion of our being.  We cannot change this reality, nor do we want to.   For without adversity, there would be no reason for our existence in this experience we call life.

Struggle means to employ strenuous or violent efforts in response to adversity; and it is experienced when we use will to control the outcome of a situation or circumstance.

During a challenging experience or uneasy thought pattern, it is human nature to feel fear, stress, dread, etc. Many of us believe that our own struggle is necessary in order to conquer a situation or achieve a goal; and we balk at the idea that life is supposed to be easy.

In reality, struggle is an emotion which interferes with problem solving skills, burdens our bodies and minds, and attracts more situations that gave birth to that feeling.

When we attach ourselves to expected outcomes in order to justify our efforts, or we imagine possible scenarios, we create struggle within ourselves because we have no real control over the outcome of anything.  The feeling of struggle distracts our focus, and often causes the most efficient solutions to be overlooked.

Moreover, the laws of the universe are straightforward and do not deviate – like attracts like.  This means that by struggling through any situation or toward any goal, we are attracting more situations that give rise to struggle.

Likewise, if we offer a calm, confident, trusting and optimistic vibration during a challenge or test, we are more open to a solution, we feel better, and we attract better experiences into our awareness.   The more often we seek joy in the moment, the more opportunity for joy we will create.

We have the power to release struggle by tuning our feelings to the vibration of that which we want.

Letting it Go:

Releasing struggle begins with evaluation and acceptance of our current emotional set point – noticing the state of our emotions while staying calm and comfortable with what feelings we have.  There is no need to judge our emotions as being good or bad, they are simply an indicator of where we are, like a road sign letting us know how far off we are from our ideal point of focus.

The most effective method to assess and transform our emotions is through deep breathing.  This is because every feeling is attached to a specific breath pattern. The further our current emotion is from our alignment with joy, the shallower our breathing becomes.  This also works the other way around, meaning that when we slow and deepen our breath, we improve our emotion.

Through focused attention and deep breath, we can offer a thought and/or decide to engage in an activity that makes us feel a little bit better than our current emotion.  We don’t have to make huge emotional leaps; it only takes small emotional shifts to gradually raise our vibration.

When we consistently aim to squeeze as much joy out of every moment, we consistently think and act toward that directive.   If we make it a priority to follow our joy as much as possible, struggle will fall away as old baggage which we no longer require.

The more often we can be present in our experiences with a calm mind and deep breath, the more struggle can be replaced with emotions that more accurately reflect our real selves.

Guilt-Free Eating

If the pork chop with grease and gravy over rice or the double chocolate mousse cake feels satisfying to you, please enjoy it without guilt.  Guilt is nothing but an unnecessary emotion which causes mental pain.

Let the guilt go and enjoy what you like.  One way to improve health is to feel better about yourself.

You can make slight changes toward improved health by incorporating all or any of the following:

–  whenever possible, eat a meal which includes plenty of uncooked fat and raw or lightly cooked grass-fed meat or raw fish.

– making or purchasing fresh organic veggie juice (no fruit or carrots – make the base celery or tomato) whenever possible.

– buying raw milk from grass-fed cows which are free of hormones and antibiotics; and having that as your drink whenever you feel like having something cold and satisfying.

If I were to eat a meal with cooked meat and/or fats, I would add something fermented to aid my digestion.  I think pickled ginger would compliment this meal well.

You don’t have to make any big commitment to health.  Just make small comfortable changes, and see where they take you.