Monthly Archives: September 2009

My Family's Experience with The Primal Diet

Most of the food that I eat is still raw, and the majority of my calories still come from raw animal fat, but my diet has evolved to be more instinctual. I eat less protein, and add things that I like such as homemade chocolate and sprouted nut butters. Some days I eat more food and some days I eat less.

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Vaccinations and Control

My family does not take vaccinations, we are not afraid of sick or diseased people, and we do not struggle with any serious illness.  In fact, even though we don’t use medication - our version of cold and flu is…

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You Are Qualified!

You are already qualified to be fully aware around any subject that interests you.

The source of everything is the same energy that is within each of us in equal measure. Everything ever known in the past, present and future…

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