Homemade Ice Cream!

Chocolate Ice CreamTwo little boys from the neighborhood were playing in our backyard with my sons yesterday, when Blaze asked me to make homemade ice cream.  We took a vote between strawberry and chocolate – with chocolate being the winner.

To my kids, homemade ice cream is just normal, but the neighbor kids were very curious.  They took careful note of the ingredients: eggs, honey, cacao powder and cream – all of which were raw/unheated/uncooked.

They asked if those ingredients were used to make the ice cream they eat at home.  I told them probably not, but I assured them that my ice cream would taste the same or better than what they are used to.

Everyone loved the end result, and the ice cream was incredibly tasty if I do say so myself!  I shared the health benefits of eating my version of raw ice cream, and they shared about a time they had “healthy” pizza by using broccoli as a topping – and how much they disliked it.

I agreed that broccoli is not something that goes well with pizza, and I also shared that using it as a topping imparts little or no health benefits.  They were also relieved to know that being healthy and staying fit does not involve eating anything we don’t enjoy.

Conscious Resistance – Our Path to Peace and Freedom

Pretty PathEmotional resistance is the catalyst for expansion.  In order to form a perspective for improvement of any kind, it’s necessary to first experience feelings that are less than joyful, also known as emotional resistance, around a particular subject matter.

Our predominant thoughts – around any subject we focus upon – emit a vibratory pattern which either attracts or repels every possibility experienced in our reality.  While emotional resistance around a controlling or oppressive force is necessary to create our perspective and the possibility for improvement, we perpetuate that which receives most of our attention – especially when that attention is accompanied by powerful feeling.

Peaceful awareness of the source of our “dis-ease”, focus on our perspective for well being, and willingness to take action if so inspired easily brings about the improvements we seek.

By becoming aware and spreading awareness about how we are creating and sustaining powerfully oppressive forces in our reality, we begin to give ourselves the power to easily defeat those forces.   While it’s true that we cannot “save” anyone from their individual lack of awareness without exercising control, we can present information which will be available if and when they choose to seek it.

Once we have individual awareness, we can begin to focus on the improvements we seek in order to develop our belief in an improved reality.  With belief comes joyful expectation, and our perspective for peace and freedom becomes powerful enough to endure even the most convincing physical evidence to the contrary.

True belief coupled with joy in the possibilities we have created, inspires action which produces a special form of resistance which weakens the forces of the egoic state of mind that currently prevails in our government.  Just as eating optimal nutrients resists decay in the body by promoting physical health, so too does peaceful assertion of individual rights resist controlling or oppressive governmental forces by promoting freedom.

Conversely, repetitive focus on the current state of government – which originally caused our perspective for improvement – prolongs and intensifies our emotional resistance.  Instead of diminishing the forces that perpetuate our current reality, emotional resistance works to strengthen those forces.

This is true because the vibratory pattern we offer through emotional resistance harmonizes with whatever is the subject of our negative focus, thereby attracting more of it into our experience.  Just as we cannot expect to create physical health by focusing on illness in our bodies, we cannot expect to create peace by focusing on control and oppression in our government.

For this reason, feeling good about what we predominantly focus upon benefits us more than anything else.  Until we can feel joyful about a particular subject matter, our most effective efforts are those which seek to improve our own vibratory offering.

We Are All Worthy

Doorway to HeavenWe are one with God and one with love.  We were not put on Earth by a separate spiritual entity to prove our worthiness through worship and enduring hardships.

As conscious parts of the same divine spirit, our awareness is focused here to experience joy, put forth our perspective for even greater joy, and to realize peace aka heaven right here on Earth.  The most common religious belief systems hold that we are separate from God, a  chosen messiah, each other, and The Devil.

In fact, most religious groups promote the opposite of peace through the belief that their members are closer to God than the “other” groups, belief systems and religions.  This righteousness causes us to look down on those who do not believe like us, or try to convert them to our way of thinking in order to “save” them.

The common belief system taught by religious groups serves those groups and ensures more power for them, but does very little to promote peace because it is fear based.  God is available to all of us and can be felt whenever we let go of self limiting beliefs. Those self limiting beliefs are truly “The Devil” because they create a feeling of separation from God, which is synonymous with love, each other and everything.

In this way, The Devil is not so much an evil entity or an entity at all.  It is the feeling created when we believe thoughts that do not agree with the true essence of our being.  From that feeling we create a life experience that falls short of the joy we were meant to realize through our physically focused senses.

Unwanted life circumstances are a culmination of our own limiting beliefs, and basically the manifestation of “evil”.  However, “The Devil” and “evil” should not have a negative connotation – they are simply instructive as to the proximity of our thoughts to the true essence of our being.

No matter how much or how many times we believe thoughts that evoke “The Devil” within us or unwanted events in our lives, the core of our being is always pure love, and because of this – each of us is always equally worthy of the kingdom of heaven.

Interpretating Unpleasant Dreams

Dreams are the manifestation of the emotions we predominantly hold in our vibration, and if we find our dreams to be unpleasant, we can improve them and improve our lives.

It’s not necessary to interpret our dreams, but interpretation is a natural side effect when we release the emotions that cause unpleasant dreams.  This can mean anything that feels a little uncomfortable to full-blown nightmare scary.  Unpleasant dreams are not random occurrences.  They are clues that we are carrying extra baggage that’s ready to be released.

This method is very effective, relaxing, has no unpleasant side effects, and is completely free!

Start with this meditation to clear your mind: breathe in for 5 seconds, hold the breath for 5 seconds, then breathe out for 5 seconds – all breathing through the nose.  Repeat this about 5 times, then return your breath to normal.

Think about the events of your dream as if they are real, and feel what emotions they evoke within you.  When you can feel the emotion in your body, breathe deeply and hold it for about 10 seconds while paying attention to the feeling.  Then release the breath with the intent of  releasing the emotion with it.

It’s also beneficial to put forth an intention to have lucid dreams, so that the plot can be re-directed to produce a pleasant result.

If you’re experiencing frequent nightmares, especially if accompanied with screaming and/or sweating, there is a good chance that you may be suffering from hypoglycemia.  Having a raw fat with protein food before bed, like a raw milkshake (raw eggs, milk, cream, unheated honey) can reduce or eliminate sugar spikes which result in unhealthily low blood sugar during the night.  Also, cutting down on starchy foods and eliminating processed grains all together will encourage balanced blood sugar levels without medication.