Monthly Archives: October 2009

Homemade Ice Cream!

being healthy and staying fit does not involve eating anything we don’t enjoy.

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Conscious Resistance – Our Path to Peace and Freedom

Emotional resistance is the catalyst for expansion. In order to form a perspective for improvement of any kind, it’s necessary to first experience feelings that are less than joyful, also known as emotional resistance, around a particular subject matter.

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We Are All Worthy

We are one with God and one with love. We were not put on earth by a separate spiritual entity to prove our worthiness through worship and enduring hardships.

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Interpretating Unpleasant Dreams

Dreams are the manifestation of the emotions we predominantly hold in our vibration, and if we find our dreams to be unpleasant, we can improve them and improve our lives.

It's not necessary to interpret our dreams, but interpretation is…

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