Perfect is Not Necessarily Desireable

Everything is always the perfect manifestation of our focus up to this point in time. Of course perfection does not mean everything is to our liking.
When we experience something that causes us to want improvement, that is a wonderful thing because a shift in our focus brings that improvement into reality. On the other hand, by focusing on what does not please us, we create more undesirable reality.

Economically, if we decide that the whole system or certain sectors are crashing, no matter how hard we work, we create that reality. Conversely, if we focus on a strong and stable economy, we create that reality – with seemingly little effort.

In relationships, if we mostly focus on the things that need to be “fixed” about a person – our reality will include more things about people that we feel the need to fix.

While no reality can be more perfect than another, we do have the power to create that perfection into alignment with our desires. When we practice with belief in the power of joyful focus, our actions naturally bring about a more desirable reality.

You and Me

I’ve heard or this line several times throughout my lifetime: “Here’s to you and here’s to me, and I hope we never disagree. But, if that should ever be, to HELL with you, here’s to ME!”

[Everyone is just a conscious part of the same energy that creates everything.  Separation is an illusion.  If you have not yet been exposed to this concept, please Click Here]

Saying “to HELL with YOU” is the same saying to “HELL with ME”!! I would change it to “if we ever part ways, I will send you LOVE and ask that YOU do the same for ME”…but that wouldn’t be as funny!

The original line is great because it exposes a huge source of human suffering – the illusion that we are separate from everything else.  This view of self is the number one reason for tumultuous relationships, whether those relationships are between two people or two countries.

If we disagree and even part ways with people while still loving ourselves and everyone else, we will find peace of mind and make a difference toward a more peaceful world.


Human Universe 1It would only be logical to begin at the beginning…but there is no beginning.  You are an infinite being, a aware aspect of the same energy that creates and sustains everyone and everything known and unknown in the universe and beyond.  As such, you have no beginning and no end…you are forever.

Not only are you part of everything and everyone, you are also everywhere.  In fact, the person that you see in the mirror is not the real you, but an expression of individualized energy of awareness which you have created to represent you in this material environment.

For this reason, your cells are of great importance.  Not only do they make up every part of your material body and sustain its health, but their outer layer (membrane) has many tiny receptors specifically tuned to your energetic vibration so that your essence can be transmitted into the life of the world.  In a manner similar to the way radio stations are tuned to specific signals, your cells are tuned to your nonphysical energy which is always being broadcast throughout the entire universe.

While the cells of your material body are always receiving and transmitting your essential energy, thoughts which arise from your focus in the material world also instruct and influence every cell of the body.  If those thoughts are in harmony with your core knowledge, there is harmony between you and your physical form, and you feel joyful or loving.  If not, those thoughts create resistance which you feel as many different degrees of disharmony – from excited and hopeful to desperate and depressed.

In addition to the vibratory information which your cells receive from you and your thoughts, cells also receive information from the many tiny particles which create their physical environment.

Because you project through a single organism into this reality, it appears to your senses that you are separate from everything else.  However, you are actually part of everything, everything is part of you, and you are co-creating this reality.  For that reason, it never benefits you to harm any person (including yourself), to hold a grudge, speak or even think disparagingly about anyone or anything.

You have chosen to project through a material body into this time-space reality in order to experience the physical sensation of joy, and you will experience much more joy when you choose thoughts, nutrients and environment with awareness and gratitude. Being conscious gives you the ability to recognize what direction to move in order to deepen the connection to your true essence as you journey through this lifetime.

Curing a Bi-Polar Life

Our reality consists of polarities – everything contains its opposite. But we are more than mere passengers on the ride of life. Whether we know it or not, we are creating our reality with every thought.

When we pay attention to things in our lives that provoke extreme emotion, we attract more extremes in our lives. By habitually shifting our attention to those things in our lives that evoke joy, and toward our perspectives for creating more joy, we can control our emotions and thereby diffuse the extremes in our minds and in our lives.

Part of God

God SkyI am part of the real God. Not like those tyrant gods invented by human mind, who rule people and demand to be worshiped.

We are all part of both the creator and the creation – which are always evolving. Loving everything is the form of worship that directs all creativity toward an increasingly joyful reality.

The gifts of insight and understanding (which we give to ourselves) allow us to live from our souls. Without them, we simply become possessed by the rational mind.

Its true that when we live from the heart, our lives and our world continue to improve. But when we live from the head, we do not suffer a wrath from an external oppressor.

We simply attract experiences that match our frequency. The closer we are to being ourselves, the better our lives become.

If reading or discussing these things feels uncomfortable, there is something in our belief system not making sense -which could cause physical and emotional blockages.

Only through exposure to our own consciousness can we begin to unravel the self created by mind, and allow our true selves to be preeminent. It doesn’t matter whether we give God a persona or not.

It’s more important that our beliefs are strong and flexible enough to be exposed and challenged regularly.