Monthly Archives: March 2010


People tend to put a lot of emphasis on knowing many answers without ever really understanding the question.

Faith and belief are exactly what determine that which is "known", for without observation there is nothing but limitless possibilities. Once we believe…

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Emotional Freedom

When certain past experiences are attached to uncomfortable or painful emotions, the nature of our ego is to protect us by attempting to hide those memories from our consciousness while avoiding similar experiences.

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Desireless Effort

The ego has a strong will and the ability to drive our physical efforts in the direction of any desires we choose. But, in order to move in the direction of our true desires, the ego self must be trained to serve the conscious Self.

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Ego Purpose

While we are identified with the ego self, our shadows or skeletons are harmful to the physical and emotional body, and are best kept out of our awareness.

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Education or False Validation?

Our conditioning makes it very difficult for humans to understand that the only real attainment is finding our spirit and allowing that to be expressed through our experience.

Humans tend to be impressed by struggle and scholarly endurance because we…

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