People tend to put a lot of emphasis on knowing many answers without ever really understanding the question.

Faith and belief are exactly what determine that which is “known”, for without observation there is nothing but limitless possibilities. Once we believe something like 2+2=4, we feel more intelligent, but in reality our minds have just been closed to any other possibility.

We’re not here to acquire knowledge for any other reason but to have FUN with it. The idea that we are learning because “things are a certain way, and this is the way they will always be” turns powerful creators into comatose creatures of habit and prisoners of mind.

Only when our minds are flexible and free can we be receptive to ALL possibilities that are possible now.

Emotional Freedom

Emotions alter the human expression of our true essence.  The human being is created and sustained in pure Love, and expressed in the world through the filter of mind, memories and emotion.

When certain past experiences are attached to uncomfortable or painful emotions, the nature of our ego is to protect us by attempting to hide those memories from our consciousness while avoiding similar experiences.  When the ego believes any present experience to be associated with an offending memory, it systematically triggers our feeling of the attached emotion to alert us of possible impending danger.

Over the course of many years, we accumulate so many of these hidden memories with attached emotions that our predominant expression tends to come from emotion and not our true nature.  In this way, the subconscious mind dominates as the creator of our thoughts, words, actions and the course of our lives.

Although expression through an emotion is “normal” everyday living for the majority of people, this is not a necessary thing.  Each of us has the power to heal these emotions and live freely from our true essence.

Through the practice of being present and aware of our thoughts and emotions, we can determine when we are being controlled by an unwanted emotion and resolve it.  Specifically, when we feel that something is not “right”, pain, discomfort or tension in the mind or body, it is evidence that we are in the grip of emotion.

With calm awareness and deep breath, attention can be directed to the thoughts that were entertained just before the feeling was noticed.  Calm awareness means releasing thoughts that take us on an emotional journey while consciously witnessing what is being brought up by the mind.

With the mind’s eye, look with acceptance on the thoughts being presented and any memories which present themselves as the source of those thoughts.  Stay focused on the breath as the thoughts, emotions and memories are exposed, and remind yourself that you are not bound by any of these – but you are free in each moment to be new, completely innocent and open to any of the unlimited possibilities.

When exposed to the light of our consciousness in this way, hidden emotions are gradually and gracefully released. While the previously offending memories can still be recalled, their emotional charge will eventually be dissolved through this practice.

There is no “right” or “wrong” to this, and judgment of our abilities in this regard only hinders transformation.  The key is to remind yourself to remember to accept every part of you and keep returning to the practice of awareness.

You are the real You and not the accumulation of your memories.  Through the practice of awareness, your real Self can be expressed as the creator of your reality and the healer of your emotions, your life, entire nations, and ultimately the world.

Desireless Effort

The idea that we have to “work hard” to attain nice things, fine food or future security is a conditioned belief that keeps us from experiencing the subtle richness that gives true meaning to life. The work we do now can never guarantee anything for the future, and if we’re not enjoying life Now, we’re wasting the only time that ever really exists.

Burying ourselves in work or a career gives credence to the ego self which seeks to create stability by controlling the future through our efforts.  However, our desires in the material world have NO purpose except to serve the desires of our Being – which seeks expansion of conscious experience.

The purpose of worldly desires is not to compel human effort chasing and achieving them, but to provide creative inspiration to our higher consciousness.  While material desires can lead to fulfillment of our higher purpose, we have only to honor those desires without attachment or resistance to them.

Efforts that are NOT attached to the achievement of any physical or material desires are a reward of themselves because they serve the One that endures forever.  In this way, our material desires are effortlessly manifested to the extent that they serve our Beingness, and our awareness in the present is not wasted through our attempts to achieve for a future that never exists.

The ego has a strong will and the ability to drive our physical efforts in the direction of any desires we choose.  But in order to move in the direction of our true desires, the ego self must be trained to serve the conscious One.

This training is not easy, but it’s magnificent, and our efforts in this regard continue to pay dividends in this lifetime and beyond.

Here’s the process:

  • Practice being aware of all thoughts running through the mind
  • Notice which thoughts attach you to any desire in the material world
  • Appreciate your desires (it means you are alive!), but honor your higher Self by releasing the intent to control any manifestation of them
  • Stay present and alert to your emotional state to determine which efforts in the Now moment honor the true You.  If your efforts feel rewarding in and of themselves, you are moving in the intended direction.  However, if your efforts feel agitated, stressful or worthless without some future reward, you are acting from ignorance.
  • There is no need to immediately stop what you are doing or make sudden changes.  Just become conscious of what you are doing and what purpose you are serving. Change will come as an obvious next step through this practice.
  • Through awareness, recognize and release all thoughts of fear, worry, stress or anything that leads to an uncomfortable feeling because wallowing in these thoughts strengthens the ego’s need for control and can never serve the real You.  Any time you notice a feeling of discomfort or pain, practice Long Deep Breathing for as long as it takes to feel calm.
  • As you continue releasing self limiting thoughts and the ego’s tendency to control the future, you will be more open to new information and you will come to notice more clues in your environment that lead you in the direction of higher achievement.
  • Remember to remember that You are eternal, and not the self image that you have created for this life experience.

Yoga with meditation is an essential tool for this process because it trains the mind to be in the present moment and both body and mind to follow your higher purpose.  It also works on all systems to ensure that you are receptive to the guidance always being given by your higher Self.

I also recommend including raw food with plenty of raw fat in your diet to facilitate the elimination of toxic substances that may impede your efforts.

Ego Purpose

The ego’s purpose is to provide our unique field of awareness with a sense of individuality and separation in order to make a life experience possible. The ego is programmed to protect our individual self from suffering, and thus it buries anything that is potentially painful to look upon.

While we are identified with the ego self, our shadows or skeletons are harmful to the physical and emotional body, and are best kept out of our awareness. Eventually though, they tend to become so powerful that the ego is no longer able to contain what has been hidden, and our phantoms manifest as extreme emotion or physical dis-ease.

However, when we observe what has been hidden from the perspective of our conscious Being (not ego identification), any suffering is only superficial and temporal as that which has been exposed is gracefully released. In this way, we create more energy, clarity, and an enhanced life experience.

We’re never given more of a challenge than we’re ready for – it’s just a matter of re-centering and staying focused on calm consciousness during times of perceived crisis.

The most difficult moments come from self judgment or fear of the unknown. Remember you have done nothing wrong and the Universe is always focused on guidance toward your highest benefit.

As we continue on the path of awakening to the true Self, we are able to understand more of what is being revealed, and thus we notice spontaneous insight occurring more often. While there are still peaks and valleys with respect to the difficulty of our challenges, they progressively get easier as the benefits become even more rewarding.

Education or False Validation?

Our conditioning makes it very difficult for humans to understand that the only real attainment is finding our spirit and allowing that to be expressed through our experience.

Humans tend to be impressed by struggle and scholarly endurance because we have been conditioned to believe that our purpose in life is to be a productive member of society.  Instead of learning from curiosity and wonder, we force ourselves to struggle through courses and subjects that are dry, boring, or not even remotely interesting in order to obtain a certificate that validates our intelligence and worth.

Understanding is not accomplished through struggle itself, but though our ability to overcome struggle.

Most of us believe that overcoming struggle is accomplished by enduring struggle to acquire knowledge.  But in reality, the more struggle we endure, the more struggle we create.  Our ability to learn is not meant to cause struggle, but to inspire a joyful journey of discovery, exploration and fulfillment of curiosity – all of which lead to understanding.

A degree is merely a symbol that we have attained the knowledge acceptable to society in a particular area of study. As long as we do not express understanding that contradicts the taught doctrines, that degree will remain valid, acceptable and society may even consider us an expert on the subject of our study.

Moreover, the one who earns a degree is easily tempted to believe their self to be more important or superior to other people.  This is because other peoples’ perception of us gives credence to the self image that we have been creating ever since we developed the mental concept of self as separate from everything else.  A degree provides a sense that we are revered by other people, and arrogance can easily become our dominant expression.

But when we learn from those who have gone before with the intent to understand – not for a degree or self importance – we can attain both worldly knowledge and our true Self.  No degree can validate that which a person understands, and when we have understanding, no validation is necessary.