Monthly Archives: April 2010

Daily Thought: Cancer

I do not participate in cancer awareness month. Focusing energy on anything that causes ill feelings creates cancer, but focus on radiant health is the Light that cures all forms of dis-ease.

Battle is Cancerous

I'm not going to suggest that anyone is at fault for having cancer. But it is we who hold the key to creating radiant health, deathly dis-ease and everything in between.

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SELF Directed (Like Jesus)

From the standpoint of individuality, made possible by our minds in this time-space experience, God is seated at the center of each person. Jesus understood this and did his best to deliver the message to people who could not understand.

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Daily Thought: More

I will always want more. By focusing on my desires AND appreciating what caused them, I continue to create and receive infinite blessings.

Daily Thought: Truth

I tell the truth! I practice complete honesty in my relationships to cultivate trust and understanding.

Daily Thought: Alchemist

I am an alchemist. Accepting responsibility for everything in our experience is the first step in transforming fate into destiny!


Feeling dependent upon anything or anyone for our well being is based in the fear inherent from perceiving reality in the delusion of separation from the Universe and everything else.

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Daily Thought: Forward

I can only move forward. Memories of the past are reminders of what has already been created, but our present creation is based only on what we are thinking NOW.

Daily Thought: Independent

I am independent. There will always be an unlimited supply of people to love and support me, but I don’t depend on any of them for my well being.

Working Mother

These egocentric beliefs are the underlying cause of much struggle, depression, and emotional challenge in our society today. Confining powerful creators to these self limiting beliefs is the reason so many people are dependent on psychiatric and other drugs these days.

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