It’s wise to seek centering because when we’re centered, the call of our soul can be heard more clearly.

Our minds are so strong already that they tend to run our lives out of habits picked up through many life experiences. The work to be done is in controlling the mind to follow the spirit, and opening our hearts to be receptive to the unconditional Love that is our essence. I recommend a daily practice of Kundalini Yoga to get used to summoning your Being into your daily life.

The true you is the only thing that endures. Family and loved ones can be a source of happiness and emotional love (which always contain their opposites), but only you have the power to create the pure Joy that comes from being the expression of your true Self in this lifetime.

You are the center of the Universe, and everything that you experience is your creation. Create your life Joyful by learning to follow the subtle voice of your soul toward that which glorifies yourself as part of everything else.

Don't Sacrifice Your Soul

Every person has a purpose or a niche to fill in this time-space reality. Many people hear their soul calling them toward their purpose, but convince themselves that they must sacrifice their soul’s purpose in order to make another person’s dream happen.

While the ego can convince us that this type of sacrifice is for Love, it really comes from an egocentric sense of self importance. As if the other person or people may not be able to realize their dreams without the generous sacrifice of our own soul.

When we are well centered in Self, we can see clearly where our destiny lies and go there. The soul’s call is subtle and always feels Joyful. With careful attention to how we feel and the thoughts that brought us there, we can begin to step in the direction of our purpose.

Darkness in Balance

Darkness only exists where light is not present. Light illuminates everything that it touches, and eliminates darkness by its very presence – without fight or struggle.

With respect to hidden emotions, darkness is anything that has not been observed by individual awareness. But since emotions are what inspire expansion and guide us toward it, just having life experiences creates more dark shadows to be illuminated by our presence.

In the perspective of Yin Yang (balance), when we are not present in our lives, the shadows of darkness proliferate and create imbalance. But there is no danger of too much Light because new shadows are constantly being created as a necessary component of the ever-expansive nature of the Universe.

Enjoy the darkness. It gives meaning to the Light.

Point of Focus

Everyone in our experience is a reflection of ourselves. To view anyone as “less than” as compared with ourselves or anyone else, is to create dissonance between our energetic offering and that of Christ consciousness.

This misalignment is the cause of much discord in our lives -which can only be resolved if we are willing to look deeply within.

Our point of focus defines who we are and what we are attracting. Seeing people and things in our experience with appreciation and unconditional Love, puts us in alignment with the Universal flow, and renders us the recipients of Divine grace.