You Can’t Serve Two Masters

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A strong human Will is what makes the ego a competent servant, but the ego cannot serve two masters. Either our Will is employed to follow the call of spirit for the expansion of the soul, or it serves the concept of individual self by repeating existing patterns of mind in recreating what is already known.

As a conduit for spirit, the ego is in a constant state of bliss because it is consolidated with the infinite Self.  But left to its own devices, the ego accumulates layer upon layer of deprivation and dis-ease.

It’s impossible for anyone to be a conduit for spirit unless they have faith in the unknown. But because the unknown is unreasonable, the mind resists it with thoughts of fear and worry.

If we believe in self-limiting thoughts, we remain stuck in the known as we further validate the habits that create vibratory discord between the psyche and the soul.  False beliefs have no power unless we lack faith in the unseen, and they easily dissolve when we develop the faith that comes from exposing our doubts to the Light of consciousness.

But being faithful is not without sacrifice. The old self image must be repeatedly sacrificed in order to keep changing in rhythm and flow with the ever evolving call of spirit.

Spirit always calls us to be more than we already are, and that is uncomfortable for the ego because it is programmed to resist what it does not know. In every moment that we accept reason to convince ourselves that we cannot be, do or have what we want, our Will is tuned to the mind and thus it is resisting the unlimited essence of spirit.

The mental habit of fear is the cause of all egocentric self doubt, self victimization, self importance and self confidence. Only when we integrate the understanding that the human ego is nothing more than a concept of mind, do we begin to resolve our fear and live as the expression of our Being.

The real You is always ready and willing to be the master of your life – just as soon as you take that leap of faith in releasing your grip on the old self image that no longer serves your purpose.  Direct your Will to serve your infinite Self through your willingness to be new in this moment, and deliver yourself to the flow of Divine blessings for this lifetime.

Habitual Awareness

Deliberate creation is nothing more than a novel concept until it is put into practice. Because the illusion of mortality is so deeply ingrained in the human psyche, it takes consistent practice over time before anyone starts changing the course of their life.

The beginner may feel excited and optimistic about getting what they want, and thus they become eager to reap the benefits of deliberate creation.  But biological imprints from past lives coupled with the conditioning we have received during this lifetime have formed powerful habit patterns that lead most people back into delusion and despair.

Because our mental programming is so powerful, the odds of becoming a deliberate creator are stacked against us. It takes practice and repetition before our energy shifts enough to make a noticeable difference in our lives.

For this reason, faith is the foundation that gives us the ability to maintain intent over whatever amount of time it takes for the individual to transform.  Through faith we can find the courage to keep going until the benefits speak loudly all by themselves.

Each thought is our energetic offering that determines what we are manifesting, and only in the moments of attentiveness are we able to expose and redirect self limiting thoughts as they arise. In doing so, we shift our energy for that moment – which positively affects our manifestation.

But until we shift our underlying beliefs, we are constantly bombarded with thoughts that entice us back into the illusion of separation and limitation. For this reason, persistent practice is the key to developing an individual perspective that leads to infinite blessings.

Each time we ask the question: “How am I feeling and what am I thinking?”, our energetic offering is improved in that moment of awareness.  By making it a habit to “check in”, we eventually retrain the body and mind to be receptive to more beneficial thought patterns.

It’s also very helpful to quiet the mind through a practice of meditation in order to get accustomed to controlling the thought waves of the mind.  (Please see the links below from some great guided meditations to get you started)

As we continue to consistently practice awareness, we become more attuned to the thoughts that serve our purpose.  Sometimes this will feel difficult, especially when in the throes of extreme emotion.

But practicing patience with oneself is also an important part of exercising awareness.  Don’t worry if you cannot bring awareness to your thoughts for a time, but keep trying and have faith that you will return to your practice when ready.

You cannot fail and it will never be too late, but the longer you allow yourself to remain in illusion, the more difficulties you are creating for yourself.

Let your Will be the tool of your spirit by consistently bringing your thoughts back to truth, and deliver yourself on the course of your destiny.

Forever Young

Through life experience, the ego develops tools for navigating in the material world. But the human soul never ages nor does it care about worldly conditions.

The soul’s sense of freedom, coupled with the worldly tools we develop through life experience, presents the unique opportunity for us humans to actively participate in the fulfillment of our desires. However, as we learn about the material world, we also come to believe in the illusion of separation.

In illusion, we experience emotions that we cannot release because we are not aware that the underlying thoughts are untrue.  Because life experience has caused many of us to forget who we are, fear permeates our thought process, and instead of feeling more freedom as we age physically – we create bondage for ourselves in our own minds.

But the spirit does not change.  It knows complete freedom and unbounded Joy just like we did as very young children. The soul always yearns for new experiences, but most of us deny it as we continue with the habits that define and protect the self image created by our egos.

As we continue to deny the voice of spirit, the ego must become more of a master in our lives. While the ego can be very capable and well endowed with material abilities and talents, it is also very limited by what it knows to be true from memory and emotion.

When we live from ego, we feel trapped by our circumstances and bound to the life we have created. Moreover, with the ego as master, we quickly begin to feel the restrictions of physical age.

Eventually it becomes commonplace to tell ourselves that we are “too old” when we hear the subtle call of spirit to create something new.  Because our bodies follow our thoughts, we create dis-ease and discomfort in our bodies as we age physically.

But the soul never ages, and it is intricately connected to the Divine source of infinite possibilities and Love. Whatever the soul wants to do, it can do! It only requires a physical body and brain that is receptive to all possibilities.

The soul is always calling the ego, like an innocent child asking if it may be, do and have what it desires.  Every time we say “no” with thoughts of restriction or unworthiness, we suppress the only part of us that is real.

But we can reunite with our innocent childlike soul in any moment. All we have to do is allow our thoughts to follow our spirit as we delight in every desire that crosses our awareness.

Lay down your mental resistance, and allow your thoughts to follow your wildest dreams. Trust that your desires will be fulfilled in perfect time, and you will know your call to action because it feels every bit as Joyful as the thoughts that have prepared you for the moment at hand.

Irrespective of physical age, integrate your ego with the ageless spirit that you have always been and live your potential now.

Behold Your Beauty

No matter where we are in the world, the beauty within is being projected for us and through us by the power of our thoughts. In fact, the profound beauty of creativity is the energetic force that causes every person, circumstance and material object to manifest in this material reality.

Although it’s not always readily apparent, all things seen and unseen are made possible through the beauty of Divine Love. Many times we cannot realize this beauty through the layers of mental conflict and struggle that have been manifest, but it’s always present – just waiting to be discovered.

Everything in existence is created and sustained by all conscious and subconscious thought that led to the present moment, and this moment is constantly being recreated through the energy of our thoughts.  Because humans are the embodiment of the creative force coupled with a materially receptive mind, the balance of what we focus upon always multiplies in our reality.

When in a mental state of sincere appreciation for the beauty in our experience, we offer a very powerful vibratory pattern which commands the Divine creative force to manifest more of what we consider beautiful. However, many times we do not allow ourselves to enjoy the beauty we have noticed because our focus is quickly drawn to what should be done, changed or fixed in some way.

Where our thoughts go, creation follows. And, when we make conscious decisions about the direction of our thoughts, we are deliberately commanding the power of creation.

But in order to make our thoughts our own, we must be aware of the thoughts being offered by mind – and consciously choose whether to follow any of them.  Many of us have been so conditioned to notice what we find wanting that we must access imagination to offer thoughts independent of what we are programmed to receive from mind.

The creative force is limitless possibilities. The more Joyfully we focus upon whatever we personally find beautiful, the more prominent beauty presents itself in our experience; and the more our ideas of beauty are created for the world.

Make your thoughts an offering that resonates with those possibilities that are the most beautiful from your point of view, and create a more beautiful reality now.

Joy Equals Success

In the illusion of separation we have developed the idea that we are in competition with each other, and that our success is measured by how well we achieve as compared with one another. In order to determine how we fit in with the world, we contrast things like our own wealth, level of education, status, rank, assets, age, beauty etc. against other people in our experience.

Following this mindset, we feel proud and happy when we perceive ourselves as winning or having gotten the upper hand against another person or group of people; while the perception that we have lost, are losing, or that we are “less than” anyone causes emotional discomfort and even pain. In business transactions, many of us feel gratified if we believe we have received the better end of a bargain – even if that means taking unfair advantage of another person.

Because we have lost sight of our true power, many of us seek to manipulate people or situations as necessary to avoid losing at all costs. But the more we strive to win, the more we create discord between our vibratory offering and the source of all blessings and abundance.

Specifically, while we may create the perception that we are winners because we have gained a material advantage, in this way we also deepen the mental conditioning that our value is dependent on our ability to be more, do more or get more than other people.  This validates our egocentric feeling of separation from everything else, which causes mental tension and fear around the possibility of losing.

Because we expend most of our mental energy on our endeavors to “get ahead”, our vibratory offering serves to disconnect us from the part of Self that is the source of total WellBeing. As we continue from the feeling of separation and fear, we tend to rely mostly upon our basic human will to compete as our life’s radar – which makes our sense of well being dependent on whether we win or lose.

When our feelings are dependent on how things turn out, we create conflict and dis-ease in our bodies and in the world.  The more we do to gain control over people and circumstances, the more illness we create for ourselves through our attachment to outcomes, and for the world by the way we project ourselves into it.

Even if we accumulate massive wealth or achieve the highest esteem amongst our colleagues, we cannot be fulfilled until we have attained Joy that is not dependent on circumstance or accomplishment.

As we seek the emotions of proud/happy/worthy through circumstance, we are only receptive to whatever keeps us alternating between these emotions and their opposites.  But when we seek the Self that is pure Joy, we begin to evolve to a level of awareness that allows our lives to flow more easily, peacefully and Joyfully.

Only our true Self knows what in the world will lead us to the peace of mind that comes from experiencing the Joy within ourselves. Everything we do with our bodies and minds is only for the material exercise through which we can find this treasure, and feeling attached to any of it can only detract from the Joyful experience we were born to create.

By shifting our focus from competition to compassion throughout our daily lives – even in business and interpersonal dealings, we gradually begin to open up to the possibilities that transcend the reasonable mind.  As we expand our receptivity, we can finally experience the Joy of Being – just as we are.

While our perception of peoples’ behavior and circumstance may shake that Joy temporarily, every experience leads to a deeper understanding of Self and to an expanded awareness of the Joy that is our essence.

We are neither winners nor losers, but each of us is the pure energy that creates our experience in this time-space reality. To the extent that we create Joy, we are experiencing truth – and that equals success.