Monthly Archives: May 2010

Daily Thought: Master

I recognize my true master. Joyful fulfillment of individual purpose comes from directing our human Will to follow the Self that transcends mental reason.

You Can’t Serve Two Masters

Spirit always calls us to be more than we already are, and that is uncomfortable for the ego because it is programmed to resist what it does not know. In every moment that we accept reason to convince ourselves that we cannot be, do or have what we want, our Will is tuned to the mind and thus it is resisting the unlimited essence of spirit.

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Daily Thought: Habitual

I am habitual about awareness. Bringing myself back to Self is the one habit that continues to bestow blessings.

Habitual Awareness

until we shift our underlying beliefs, we are constantly bombarded with thoughts that entice us back into the illusion of limitation. For this reason, persistent practice is the key to developing an individual perspective that leads to infinite blessings.

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Daily Thought: Young

I am mature yet innocent. Having worldly experience allows me to actively participate in the fulfillment of my desires.

Forever Young

The soul’s sense of freedom, coupled with the worldly tools we develop through life experience, presents the unique opportunity for us humans to actively participate in the fulfillment of our desires. However, as we learn about the material world, we also come to believe in the illusion of separation.

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Daily Thought: Beauty

I have an eye for beauty. By noticing and appreciating that which is beautiful from my perspective, I create more beauty in my reality.

Behold Your Beauty

Where our thoughts go, creation follows. And, when we make conscious decisions about the direction of our thoughts, we are deliberately commanding the power of creation.

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Daily Thought: Joy

I don't care whether I win or lose. It's how much Joy I create as I play the game that really counts.

Joy Equals Success

Only our true Self knows what in the world will lead us to the peace of mind that comes from experiencing the Joy within ourselves. Everything we do with our bodies and minds is only for the material exercise through which we can find this treasure, and feeling attached to any of it can only detract from the Joyful experience we were born to create.

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