Go With the Flow

Most of us who try to use the Law of Attraction get discouraged very quickly because we get ideas about what we want – only to be disappointed when they don’t manifest.  But the Law works based on our vibratory resonance or dissonance to the Divine flow of the Universe – not like a genie just magically granting every wish.

It’s important to remember that we are not our bodies or our minds, but the spirit that expresses through them. Our minds are very limited, and thus they can never know what the spirit wants.

While every desire is Divine and honorable, each one is also a creative invitation for the mind to get into rhythm with the Joyful nature of the Universe.   When our vibratory offering is in perfect rhythm and flowing with spirit, we become conduits for our true Self to express through our bodies and minds – and our lives unfold effortlessly and gloriously.

But in practice, we tend to attach ourselves to specific outcomes – meaning we make ourselves feel dependent on something in the material world to make us happy.  This feeling of attachment is rooted in emotion, and its energy is counterproductive for creating anything we want.

Specifically, when we feel emotionally attached to anything, it’s because we are afraid of feeling how we felt before when we didn’t get what we wanted. This causes our energy to be expressed through emotion, and is exactly what keeps us from creating our lives according to our true desires.

The path of least resistance is very difficult to see while when our vision is impeded by the emotions that underlie our attachment. That’s why it’s imperative that we expose our emotions to the Light of our awareness if we expect to move forward in life.

Through practice and attention, we can release that which binds us to what we know – and open ourselves to the blessings that are presently unknown. By staying alert and attentive to every emotion, we can notice the physical and mental tension associated with attachment to our desires, and consciously observe them along with their associated thoughts.

By simply remembering that we are not our mind or emotion, we may be able to redirect our thoughts into alignment with what’s true about our real Self. But if the emotion does not immediately dissolve, that’s fine.

While in an emotional state, it’s helpful to take no action or as little action as possible so that we can just rest and observe our thoughts and feelings while consciously releasing tension in the body. Whenever we feel ready, another effort can be made to redirect our thoughts for improvement of our emotional/vibratory offering.

It’s common for feelings of failure or self-judgment to present themselves in conjunction with an extreme emotional state. But by loving ourselves unconditionally, we release the layers of self-judgment that otherwise prevent us from accessing and exposing the root cause of emotional attachment.

There is no hurry, but the time is always now to be presently present. Expose yourself to yourself in order to release attachment and deliver your body and mind into vibratory resonance with the Divine flow.

The most difficult thing we have to do is release mental tension about how anything turns out. As we release, we begin to recognize the Divine flow and learn to ride it’s rhythm toward the fulfillment of our destiny.

Clear Vision

In order to be deliberate creators, we must have clear vision about what we want to create. Most people create difficulty for themselves in this regard because we keep looking around and reminding ourselves of how things are, or how we can go about fixing them.

The energy of our thought has such tremendous power that the situations we feel stuck in are only manifestations of the self-limiting beliefs we keep regurgitating based upon what we perceive in our environment. The only way out is to disregard reason and develop a vision that does not make accommodations for anything that already exists.

Dare to dream as big as you are able and feel the sheer Joy of it. The balance of your feelings is the energy that you are projecting into the world, and that energy is always becoming your manifestation for yourself and for the world.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing or thinking. That’s really none of your business. You came here to be a creator in your own right. Whatever is happening around you can only affect your vision if you allow it to play in your mind.

Don’t worry about overdue bills, controlling governments, greedy corporations or disease. Sure they exist, but your fretful energy keeps them alive and well.

Become impartial to the things that are not Joyful to you. You have the power to know about these things without feeling bound by them or otherwise offering your energy to support them.

Likewise, it doesn’t matter what you have done up to this moment, your time is always Now!

Bask in the beauty and sheer delight of a wide open mind, receptive to all the possibilities that cannot be seen through the perception of what has already been created. Be who you are where you are, but know that you are so much more.

Stay alert and present to your thoughts. If they feel less than Joyful, gently remind yourself that your thoughts are creating right now.

It’s perfectly fine if you can’t come back right away. Let yourself feel the emotional charge that your thoughts have created. Breathe deeply and release the tension in your body.

Love yourself unconditionally, and keep bringing back the vision because it feels good. And feeling good means your body and mind are receptive to opportunities that lead to the fulfillment of your deepest desires.

No matter what you say or do, nothing has more creative value than the energy of your thoughts. Despite everything else, be true to you and let your vision be the pure light that guides you on the Joyful journey through this lifetime.

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Rewrite the Story of Your Life

We are always becoming according to the story we are telling about ourselves. Every thought pattern and string of words in conversation is a prayer for the type of information that we are being created to receive.

According to what we think we can be, do or have, every cell in the body and brain become receptive to the information in our environment that will prepare us to receive what we have projected for. Through focus upon what brings Joy to the heart and the feeling of Loving energy with heartfelt desire, the cells of the body move into energetic alignment with that desire.

Through being in alignment with Joy, we become receptive to the unlimited opportunities that can lead us to the manifestation of what we want.  But when we are focused on anything that evokes a feeling that is less than Joyful, we align ourselves with the possibilities that lead to manifestations we would perceive with a similar feeling.

When our perception of life circumstances causes our energetic offering to be less than Joyful, we can gently shift our energy back by dismissing circumstantial limitations and returning our focus to what we want.  Likewise, when our minds are involved in calculations about how we will accomplish things, we can gently remind ourselves that “how” is not our business.

Our actions only follow our energy, and every action is induced by our energy based upon the feelings that emanate from the story we tell about ourselves. To the extent that we have knowledge aka faith that every one of our desires is being honored by the Universe, our energy aligns with the information that leads us there.

However, since most of us tell a story that includes many reasons why we cannot create what we truly want, we mostly receive and act upon information that leads to confirmation of that story.

Similarly, when we try to use the mind to figure out how to get there or we try to manipulate outcomes in our favor, we make ourselves receptive to information that leads to a lot of hard work, manipulation and struggle. While this may lead to fulfillment of our desires, it is much more difficult and never leads to a lasting experience of Joy.

Moreover, since our desires are always changing, the vision gets lost in the details when we try to achieve from the level of mind.   In order to be the creators we were born to be, we have only to align our thoughts with what feels Joyful in the present moment, be alert to opportunities for action that feels Joyful, and have the courage to act on those opportunities.

Our bodies and minds are only tools for the creativity of spirit, so submit yourself to your higher power and prevail!!

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Mind: The False Master

The mind is commonly referred to as being owned by individuals. But it is actually shared between everything presently having a life experience.

The mind is the source of unlimited knowledge through energetic patterns of information about everything that is known, understood, or calculated during every material experience that has ever been and that ever will be. That information is accessed by our bodies and brains through cell receptors that act like antennas for the informational signals being broadcasted by the matching thought patterns of the mind.

Every subconscious habit and conscious thought is essentially downloaded by our cells from the mind, which is shared by everything in existence.

At physical birth the cells in our bodies and brain are already attuned to certain information created by those who have come before us. If we have had past lives (and most of us have), our cells are attuned to the mental patterns and behaviors that we developed over those lifetimes.

The parents to whom we are born and our ancestors’ experiences also determine which mental patterns will dominate our subconscious habits and our conscious thoughts.  Throughout our lifetimes, our cells are further conditioned to be receptive to the mental information that matches what we have learned about our world during our present life experience.

What we refer to as “my mind” are those thought patterns that are personal to the individual including all physical and emotional memories, and how we identify our material self in relation to everything else.  This information is integrated within the mind, and it is accessed by our brains as needed to direct our thoughts, words and actions during our lifetime.

While each of us is infused with pure Divine energy, the energetic relationship between our cellular receptors and the matching mental patterns are so powerful that most of us live almost entirely from the limited patterns of mind that keep us apart from experiencing our true Self. While it seems that we have free will, most of us are our thoughts and actions our predetermined by our biological programming.

While each person is created and sustained by a conscious energy that transcends mind, unless our awareness connects with that energy we live on autopilot – just repeating the same patterns in an unconscious or sleep-like manner. This is because the mental patterns to which we are attuned continuously offer thoughts, and when our spirit is not present, we automatically believe those thoughts.

In order to awaken to the real Self and become Alive in our lives, we must consciously realize that we don’t have to believe what we think. Through meditative practice and bodily conditioning we can gradually move beyond our programming and retrain our cells to access information that is relevant to our true life purpose.

When our real Self is present, we can choose to disregard the limiting thought patterns that keep us from moving forward, and embrace those that advance us in the direction of our destiny.

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