Monthly Archives: June 2010

Daily Thought: Occupation

I am not going to get used to it. Life becomes a series habitual occupation when we forget to appreciate our everyday experiences.

Awareness is the Key to Heaven

Human awareness is the key that unlocks the heavenly reality that is our shared destiny. Through our individual sense of self (personal ego), we determine the extent to which we allow the true essence of our Divine nature to be…

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Daily Thought: Outside

I am on the outside looking in. Everything in my experience is a reflection of the soul as it is expressed through layers of mind and memory.

Daily Thought: God's Gift

I am God's gift. Every person is a unique form of pure consciousness, whereby the One Being expresses itself and commands creation from a material perspective.

Daily Thought: Breath

I breathe the breath of life. I am not my body or my mind - I am the Life Force Energy that creates and sustains them.

Daily Thought: Easy

I take it easy. The path of least resistance is readily apparent from the perspective of a calm and peaceful mind.

Daily Thought: Circumstances

I cannot control circumstances. But every circumstance is exactly what the ego needs to expand in the direction of my purpose.

Challenges are Opportunities

The Being is always learning, but the ego's first instinct is to resist or reject the lesson. When we mentally fight against or struggle with our circumstances, we cannot learn the lesson, and therefore it must be repeated. This is…

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Daily Thought: Learning

I am always learning. Every challenge presents an opportunity to release tension and in a new way, and thereby receive information not previously available.

Daily Thought: Death

I do not fear death. My physical body is like a garment that I will simply release when it no longer serves my purpose.