Awareness is the Key to Heaven

Human awareness is the key that unlocks the heavenly reality that is our shared destiny. Through our individual sense of self (personal ego), we determine the extent to which we allow the true essence of our Divine nature to be expressed through our material forms.

The ego is always on the “outside” because it cannot know the inner workings of the Universe through the limitations of mind.  But the “window” to the “inside” world is our experience in the present moment – which is a direct reflection of the belief patterns that are creating our reality.

Everything in existence is created and sustained by the Life Force Energy that is existence itself. Existence takes no sides – it simply creates according to all thought that has come before. All thought for the specific creation of our shared reality here on Earth is projected through the ego – which is the thinking process that transcends all time and is shared by all of humanity.

Because the ego does not know the real Self, it is afraid of being “wrong”. Thus the ego projects a false sense of fear that prevents us from questioning our deeply held beliefs.  In this way, the majority of humans unconsciously follow the same habitual mental patterns that have been created by those who have come before.

The mind is very convincing, but the true Self is infinitely more powerful than its creation.  Through our awareness in the present moment, we can give ourselves the ability to see and understand which thought patterns are resisting the heavenly world that is our shared destiny – and redirect them.

Specifically, when we notice anything we do not like, the one to forgive is ego for creating and repeating disturbing thought patterns. Total responsibility and self forgiveness releases resistance to what has already been created – thereby allowing us to create something new.

As we forgive our dissonant thought patterns, we can project new thoughts that are independent of those we have been habitually following. Through regular attention and practice, we can develop new habits of thought that serve our shared purpose.

Every one of us can make a difference for this and future lifetimes.  Let’s direct the Light of our awareness to dissolve our limitations and create a peaceful reality Now.

Challenges are Opportunities

The Being is always learning, but the ego’s first instinct is to resist or reject the lesson. When we mentally fight against or struggle with our circumstances, we cannot learn the lesson, and therefore it must be repeated. This is how unhappy life patterns are created.

Specifically, every circumstance that evokes an uncomfortable or painful emotion is a manifestation of conscious or subconscious self limiting beliefs. Through our experience of that manifestation, we are given the opportunity to release tension and thereby heal dissonant patterns of belief.

Through the regular practice of conscious allowing, we learn to welcome normally fear-inducing circumstances as an opportunity to expand. When we exercise the mental perspective of total responsibility and self forgiveness, we release feelings of victimization, and therefore the possibilities for a solution flow easily into our experience.

Each person embodies the consciousness of the entire Universe – focused through a unique human body, brain and perspective. Nothing’s our fault, but everything is our responsibility. We always get what we need, and sometimes we need struggle to expose our beliefs in separation and limitation.

The more difficult the challenge, the sweeter the victory. It’s wonderful to be so Loved.