Words are based in Materiality

Most religious followers do experience spirituality from words, because words can be interpreted by the mind. This has been the preferred method of the masses for many centuries.

It has coincided perfectly with the thought required to create the current reality where humans hold varied statuses and societal rank, and seek to rule one another.

Now consciousness is evolving toward creating a reality that is a much clearer expression of our true essence. We’re positive that you will like it.

Every path leads to realization of Self, but when we release mental habits and limitations, the journey is far more splendid. Your current beliefs are a manifestation of your desire to experience wholeness. When the veil is lifted, that desire will be fulfilled. 

But for the moment, hang on to what you feel the need to, and enjoy the ride.

Money is a Manifestation of Love

Many people mistakenly believe that money is a source of suffering. But in reality, there is no source of suffering. There is only perception of suffering to the extent that we do not allow our well being.

Nothing, except our thought energy, can detract from the Joyful perspective of source consciousness, which we were born to express.  Every human thought is source consciousness as it is filtered through beliefs held in the mind. Everything in our experience is a projection of our thought energy, and only through transforming our conscious and subconscious limiting beliefs can we achieve the results we desire.

The Joyful perspective of source consciousness belongs to everyone. It’s just a matter of focusing through the mind and not from it.

The practice of awareness in the present moment brings us closer to understanding truth that transcends material reality, and allows us to use our energy to bring blessings to the world.

In awareness, our perception of conflict is valuable because it is the energetic spark that inspires conscious creativity. However, if we find that anything in the world needs fixing, our mind is being controlled by our own egocentric sense of self importance, and creating energy that causes more manifestations of what we do not like.

No matter what form consciousness takes, if we depend on any circumstance for our sense of freedom and well being, we are creating emotional attachment. It is this attachment, not money or anything else, that is the root of all mental anguish.

Many well meaning people work very hard to change things they do not like about money, constantly battling greed, resentment, fear, and desperation. These people validate their ego by offering thoughts about how sorry they feel for the “victims” of our monetary system, and how they need to do something to help restrain the greedy people.

Any action steps taken from these mindsets emanate from emotion, and they provide comfort to the ego by creating a sense that the person is doing “good”. However, even if we achieve material results from our action, if that action emanated from a disturbing emotion, we have simply created more of the same energy we were aiming to abate.

Once we become aware of the mental concepts that create our dis-ease, we are prepared to create the total freedom and well being that is our birthright. But there is never any enduring value to action taken from within an emotional state.

Align your thoughts with Love around money and every other manifestation of conscious energy, and create more Joy in your experience through the power of Divine perspective.

Emotion Exposes Limiting Beliefs

Whether we are focused on the present moment or any other point in time or space, we are commanding creation through the energetic vibration of every conscious and subconscious thought that we project.

Emotion allows us to determine whether our current point of focus is projecting for anything that we want to manifest. Our present feeling indicates how our projected manifestation will feel based on the beliefs we currently follow.

Our present manifestation and corresponding emotion is always perfect based on all thought that has come before. Most of that thought has been involuntary as we have simply believed the thoughts presented by the mind, and they became our truth.

To create new momentum requires new beliefs, which can be created through consistent attention to our feelings and deliberate redirection of our thought patterns. If we are feeling anything other than blissful, we are attuned to self limiting beliefs in the mind.

With attention, we can identify those beliefs and offer thoughts that feel better. There is no limit to how good our thoughts can feel because whatever we sincerely believe is our truth.

When we follow our thoughts into a feeling place we don’t like, the point where we redirect our thoughts sets a precedent for our emotional low point with respect to the subject point of focus. This makes it easier to turn the tide the next time we find ourselves riding the same or similar thought wave.

As we continue this practice, we can create new belief patterns and then release them as we systematically raise our emotional set point higher.

Every moment is a new beginning, and we can only begin from our current feeling place by offering thoughts that we can believe in the present moment. How far we progress in this lifetime depends on how patient and compassionate we are with ourselves.

Specifically, belief patterns are hard wired biologically, and breaking free from them requires cooperation from our ego. If we judge or condemn ourselves for not attaining what we think we should, we create resistance which impedes our progress.

The feelings we project are the same feelings we are attracting. Everything in our experience is a lesson, and depending on how we perceive what has already been created, we project for what comes next.

When in an uncomfortable or painful emotion, breathe deeply and remember that you are not limited to the limitations of mind. Simply appreciate the lesson and allow it to guide your progression toward the experience of your Divine essence.