Monthly Archives: July 2010

Words are based in Materiality

Most religious followers do experience spirituality from words, because words can be interpreted by the mind. This has been the preferred method of the masses for many centuries.

It has coincided perfectly with the thought required to create the current reality…

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Daily Thought: Money

I enjoy attracting money. When our thoughts emanate a sense of freedom, we attract the material manifestations that match our perspective.

Money is a Manifestation of Love

Many people mistakenly believe that money is a source of suffering. But in reality, there is no source of suffering. There is only perception of suffering to the extent that we do not allow our well being.

Nothing, except our…

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Daily Thought: Money

I Love money. Every form is a projection of my energy, and the choice I make is whether to attach emotion such as fear, desperation, resentment or greed to it.

Daily Thought: Will

I condition my Will.  Strong willpower enables the perseverance of intent, even when nothing seems to be going right.

Daily Thought: Sense

I do not need to make sense. Simplicity is the experience of eternal life in awareness that transcends the duality of mind.

Daily Thought: Illusion

My self image is an illusion. Everything temporary manifests according to belief, but the real Self is our conscious energy that transcends mental concepts and endures forever.

Daily Thought: Decide

I decide for me. Perfect guidance always manifests at the perfect time based on all thought that has come before, and I choose which thoughts I want to have.

Emotion Exposes Limiting Beliefs

Whether we are focused on the present moment or any other point in time or space, we are commanding creation through the energetic vibration of every conscious and subconscious thought that we project.

Emotion allows us to determine whether our…

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Daily Thought: Boss

I am the boss! Through the mental patterns we choose to project, the ego self commands the creation of our reality.