Monthly Archives: August 2010

Daily Thought: Carnal Pleasures

I indulge shamelessly in carnal pleasures. Worldly experience is for both the enjoyment and refinement of the soul, and attending to one without the other leads to imbalance, confusion and fear.

How May I Serve You?

In modern society we are taught that a good citizen gives money and performs charitable acts for those “less fortunate”. We learn early on to feel sorry for those in "need" and to give "selflessly" to help them.

It's widely…

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Daily Thought: Government

I don't depend on government. Playing along in the delusion that people need to be ruled by anything causes mental conflict which manifests as victims and villains in our shared reality.

Daily Thought: Emotions

I am responsible for my own emotions. The idea that I will feel better when someone else changes their behavior is delusional thought that can only recreate my own dis-ease.

Daily Thought: Gender

I like to think that I AM female. But I AM transcends gender, and manifests in physical form through balance between both feminine and masculine aspects.

Daily Thought: Beautiful

I am perfectly beautiful, and can always be more so. Not because my physical form meets any social standard, but because my self image radiates pure Love to the extent my thoughts allow it.

Daily Thought: Hurry

I'm not in a hurry. Going and Doing are occupations for the mind, but real productivity is in the development of my ability to simply Be.

Daily Thought: Conscious Breathing

I breathe consciously. Every thought and associated emotion is connected to a specific breath pattern, and by controlling the breath, we can create more Joy in our lives.

Daily Thought: Relate

I relate easily with people. I let go of ideas about how anyone should be in order to experience them exactly as they are.

Daily Thought: Careful

I choose carefully. Whatever the situation, I decide which thought response corresponds with my intent to create a peaceful reality.