Ego is Meant to be a Tool for Authentic Expression

“Ego” is the label “we” have given to the thinking process that allows “us” to (among other things) sense separate forms. All outward expression is also directed through ego – but consciously choosing thought can deliver individual awareness from living as the mechanical expression of ego to using ego as a tool to come Alive as a unique expression of the authentic self.

It’s not a matter of choosing or preferring the spiritual (authentic) self over the material (ego created) self. There is really no material self – that is only illusion – a tool for the spiritual self to experience and express in the material world.

To the extent the material self is expressive of the authentic self, the individual’s gifts and talents are expressed to their full potential, stress is eliminated, and individual effort becomes effortless.

For most people, their resistance to discussing the workings of ego is based in ego created fear that the material self may be viewed as “wrong”. But in reality, there is nothing right or wrong about what the ego expresses, and the self image cannot really be diminished in value irrespective of the thoughts believed or action taken.

Indeed, every individual is always doing the best they can to create as much Joy possible – based on the information and consciousness available to their perception at the time.

Love and honor the gift of the material self – and it effortlessly glorifies the “me” that is All. But believe that you are the material self, and attract thoughts that render the it a slave to ego programming. This is how it works irrespective of whether anyone pays attention to ego.

Only Thoughts Affect Joy

Only thoughts can affect anyone’s experience of Joy. What’s happening in the world is only a reflection of every thought that has gone before, but because the ego believes the illusion to be real, it offers thoughts that blame something in the reflection of our Past misalignment for the lack of Joy we are experiencing Now.

To the extent we believe these thoughts, we are creating further misalignment in the present moment, which will be reflected back again when the time is perfect for it to manifest in the world.

The media is instructive! It presents the opportunity to learn where we’ve already been with our thoughts, and we can use our perception and emotion to illuminate, forgive and transcend mental habit patterns that keep us bound to dis-ease. But as long as we keep buying into the idea that it’s the world that needs to change, no matter how brilliant the ego, we are only playing a fool.

We Choose Thoughts, Not Action

The only choice we ever really have is whether or not to follow thoughts. Our words, actions, circumstances, situations, and experience of other people are all the choiceless expression of our present vibration, which is the culmination of all thought that came before.

Through individual awareness, in the present moment, we are orchestrating the evolution of our world. In order to navigate through the layers of mind that keep us bound to conflict, it helps to practice letting go of thoughts that produce unpleasant feelings.

By watching the mind as it offers thoughts, each of us has the ability to choose whether we want to believe them based on how each thought feels. And, the thoughts we choose to believe now can be released for ones that feel better at another point in time.

With practice, our hard wired beliefs eventually shift into patterns that offer more peaceful thoughts, and it does get easier. Let’s keep going and amaze ourselves!