Monthly Archives: September 2010

Daily Thought: Think

The human being is born to think. Everything, everyone, and every circumstance in the world was first created as a story in the mind, and that story evolves as individual thought perspectives are added to the balance.

Daily Thought: Flexible

I practice flexibility. Golden opportunities present themselves as deviation from the original plan of action.

Daily Thought: Mind's Voices

I "should" be "doing" something! That's what the mind's voices used to tell me before they came under my conscious control.

Ego is Meant to be a Tool for Authentic Expression

“Ego” is the label “we” have given to the thinking process that allows “us” to (among other things) sense separate forms. All outward expression is also directed through ego - but consciously choosing thought can deliver individual awareness from living…

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Daily Thought: Servant

I am only a servant. I am the master, but only because I have convinced the ego through individual awareness that it's "good" to serve the real Me.

Daily Thought: Self Centered

I am self centered. My intent is to stay focused on how I Be, thus allowing my self image to be more expressive of the real Me - rather than a tool of ego manipulation.

Only Thoughts Affect Joy

Only thoughts can affect anyone's experience of Joy. What's happening in the world is only a reflection of every thought that has gone before, but because the ego believes the illusion to be real, it offers thoughts that blame something…

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Daily Thought: Self Importance

I do not need to be needed. Self importance is a process of the ego that draws us into the delusion that "others" need us to heal, protect, support or change them.

We Choose Thoughts, Not Action

The only choice we ever really have is whether or not to follow thoughts. Our words, actions, circumstances, situations, and experience of other people are all the choiceless expression of our present vibration, which is the culmination of all thought that…

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Daily Thought: Peace Keeper

I am a peace keeper. Each of us is the steward of our thoughts with the responsibility of turning mental conflict into harmony, thereby creating more peace for our shared reality.