Monthly Archives: October 2010

Daily Thought: Future

The future is already decided according to our collective impressions of the past. But consciously directed thought in the present moment shifts the energy of that which has yet to be made manifest.

Daily Thought: Anxiety

Anxiety creates a perceived need to Do something, but when you relax and simply Be, the energy that creates worlds works on your behalf.

Daily Thought: Blame

knows the voice of blame by its feeling. The emotion (energy in motion) associated with victimhood alerts me that the thoughts I am thinking are leading away from anything that I like.

Daily Thought: Belief

Most thought is directed according to Ego belief aka "facts" or "knowledge". By systematically dissolving beliefs that are in conflict with the Self, Ego becomes a more consistent purveyor of thought patterns that lead in the direction of Peace.

Daily Thought: Better

Life is as good as it has ever been and it's only getting better. If your present experience of life is anything less, you are harboring beliefs that contradict the essence of who you are. Love!

Daily Thought: Preference

I enjoy a monogamous heterosexual marriage. Not because it's right or wrong, but because it's what my experience of life has caused me to prefer - and nothing that anyone else prefers can make my preference any more or less appropriate for me.

Daily Thought: Actors

You are all actors, and you are free to change your masks at any time. It's only fear that causes you to feel bound to any expectations of who you are supposed to be. Nothing you become to the world…

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Daily Thought: Safe & Secure

I am safe and secure in the Universal womb. Out of perception, material reality is created. Thus as perception is focused on that which is lovely, life unfolds in a glorious way.

The "Sword" of God

All is created by God - thus all killing, starvation and other disturbances in the world are also the action of God - which is always perfect based on all thought that has come before.

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Daily Thought: Desire and Discipline

I temper desire with discipline. Not to control any desire or action, but to be aware of thought behind emotion and to use present thought to keep energy flowing in the direction of what feels good Now.