Daily Thought: Simple

Life is simple! You always have exactly what you need. The desire for something not presently in your perception is an invitation to release emotional resistance in order to become more aware of opportunities that lead in the direction of better feeling according to your unique perspective.

Daily Thought: Giving

It’s better to give than to receive, especially since you always receive according to what you have already given. Now that you can see what you have given (based on what you are receiving) – you have the opportunity to give more according to what you truly desire.

Daily Thought: Drama

What we feel at the time we create a self limiting belief is habitually evoked by ego – causing us to subconsciously project and act according to our own belief (keeping us in line so to speak). Mind creates illusion of our beliefs by projecting them through the specifics of our lives, while ego evokes the associated emotion – making the illusion feel real. Can you say DRAMA?!?

Daily Thought: People

The people in your world are only doing the best they can while acting out all the limitations you have created for yourself. You choose whether to keep believing your habitual thoughts of criticism, or offer compassion to heal the self limitations that provoke your dis-ease.

Daily Thought: Evolution

Evolution is effortless, and everything in the material reality IS according to perception. Efforts offered with the intent of changing what IS intensifies the dissonance between perception and the reality of who ‘I AM’ – while efforts offered as their own reward closes that gap.