Monthly Archives: January 2011

Daily Thought: Important

No one is important, because everyone is the same Divine One. Whatever you perceive is an expression of the One as it appears through the filter of individualized judgment. Egoistic awareness seeks to change perceived "reality" while Love exposes underlying…

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Daily Thought: Mountain

There is no mountain you 'need' to climb nor goal that you 'need' to meet. You are already all you can be - it's only belief in your own deficiency that prevents you from living free.

Daily Thought: Righteous

No one is righteous. The "need" to impose restrictions upon anyone is just the ego asserting a superior perspective - which is a "moral" and "ethical" way of creating more conflict.

Daily Thought: Illusion

Your world is all an illusion - just a reflection of your self imposed limitations. There is no meaning to anything that's happening "out there" - it's all for you to experience your individual state of mind. Fearless focus leads…

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Daily Thought: Suffering

When you perceive the suffering of another, you are experiencing a reflection of your own judgment. From there, you choose whether to reinforce your pattern of pain by focusing on what’s “wrong”, or to heal your perception by exposing your…

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Attracting Loving Relationships

Whatever relationship one develops with the world of form determines the relationships they attract in their experience.  Specifically, the culmination of all thought projected from the individual sense of self creates a unique vibratory pattern which attracts everything in one's material…

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Daily Thought: Relations

You are independent in all of your relations. There is an unlimited supply of Love for you - which reflects back according to the balance of thought-based feeling you project into your world. However, when your emotional love creates expectations…

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Daily Thought: Dream

This Life experience is a dream of your own creation. By awakening to inner guidance, the energy of your individual awareness moves to release subconscious programming - thereby allowing fulfillment of the soul’s desire for Joyful expression and experience.

Daily Thought: Existence

Life is existence - everything exists within Life according to Life's desire for experience. You are Life - Your body and your world exist according to your own desire to experience Life (your true essence) - as that desire has…

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Daily Thought: Sublime

Make the time to be sublime. :) For the one who is willing to take steps in the direction of their own desire - perception eventually becomes so healed of delusion that the perceiver gains the ability to see the difference…

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