Daily Thought: Important

No one is important, because everyone is the same Divine One. Whatever you perceive is an expression of the One as it appears through the filter of individualized judgment. Egoistic awareness seeks to change perceived “reality” while Love exposes underlying judgment – thus dissolving ‘need’ for dis-ease.

Daily Thought: Illusion

Your world is all an illusion – just a reflection of your self imposed limitations. There is no meaning to anything that’s happening “out there” – it’s all for you to experience your individual state of mind. Fearless focus leads to peace of mind – which in turn projects a peaceful world.

Daily Thought: Suffering

When you perceive the suffering of another, you are experiencing a reflection of your own judgment. From there, you choose whether to reinforce your pattern of pain by focusing on what’s “wrong”, or to heal your perception by exposing your self judgment to the Light of awareness.

Attracting Loving Relationships

Whatever relationship one develops with the world of form determines the relationships they attract in their experience.  Specifically, the culmination of all thought projected from the individual sense of self creates a unique vibratory pattern which attracts everything in one’s material reality, including all people and perceived behavior.

Because one can only attract experiences that are a vibrational match to their individual sense of self, focusing on experiences of unwanted people, circumstances, events or behavior around current or past romantic partners causes unhappy relationships to keep re-emerging in experience. As your thoughts align more with the perfect Love that you are, there is no longer a sense of “need” to fill a void in your life, and you naturally attract people who reflect a more fulfilled sense of self.

The first step to transforming one’s point of attraction, is asking the question: “what mental record have I been playing that has manifested unhappy relationships in my experience?”  From there, watch your thoughts and take note of the ones that come to mind regarding relationships, potential partners, and how you fit in with them – these thoughts represent your core beliefs aka self judgment.

Everything that you experience causes you to expand, and to the extent your state of mind is allowing that expansion, you are attracting what you desire.  It is only the filter of self made beliefs that cause Love’s expression to become distorted in perception, thereby evoking more emotionally charged thought which causes the attraction of painful relationships. When you become aware of your core beliefs, you can consciously and deliberately change your mental story to one that prepares you to experience a loving relationship with another person.

Your experience of undesirable relationships has caused you to know more clearly what you prefer, and by deliberately focusing your attention, you can allow the energy of Love to lead you through time and space to more joyful relationship experiences. Through realizing what relationship possibilities feel best from your individual perspective – with appreciation for those possibilities and every perceived demonstration of those possibilities, coupled with total acceptance of everyone exactly as they are – you prepare your individually focused energy to attract the Love partner of your dreams.

When your perception of anyone’s behavior causes you to feel uncomfortable emotion, instead of getting caught up in your own suffering, let your perception lead your awareness to expose the underlying judgments you hold for yourself. Once you see your self judgment with knowing that there is no truth to it, your awareness moves to dissolve it. From there, your experience of the people in your world shifts toward that which is more pleasing from your perspective.

As the mind comes more consistently under your conscious control, you decide how you will experience the expression of Love in the form other people. In fact, through attention, you can upgrade your internal dialog and create your true desires in every aspect of your Life experience.

Creating the people and relationships that you experience in no way harms any other person or denies their own power to create according to their desires.  Every person is creating exactly what they have projected for, and their experience of you is entirely a reflection of their own mental state – just as your experience of them is a reflection of your mental state.

For the ones who are already in a relationship, thought can be focused and beliefs dissolved to shift perception of the present situation, thus creating more enjoyment within that construct or allowing a smooth transition toward something new. If you also save communication and action until you are feeling appreciation for your experience of your partner, your words and deeds will naturally propel you in the direction of your true desires.

As you transcend mental patterns that no longer fit your definition of self, it’s possible that your energy may become inconsistent with that of your current partner; and if it’s not right for your partner to evolve into resonance with your energetic offering – your current relationship will dissolve.  If you simply allow and accept whatever the consequences of expressing more of ‘who you are’  – you allow for the attraction of someone who’s energy aligns with your new perspective.

Despite everything, remember to acknowledge and appreciate the perfect and fulfilled Love that you are, and allow whatever is no longer attuned to your vibratory offering to move easily out of your experience – making room for that which is a better reflection of what you are offering.

Daily Thought: Relations

You are independent in all of your relations. There is an unlimited supply of Love for you – which reflects back according to the balance of thought-based feeling you project into your world. However, when your emotional love creates expectations of anyone, it is really an expression of fear – which leads to lack of Love in experience.

Daily Thought: Dream

This Life experience is a dream of your own creation. By awakening to inner guidance, the energy of your individual awareness moves to release subconscious programming – thereby allowing fulfillment of the soul’s desire for Joyful expression and experience.

Daily Thought: Existence

Life is existence – everything exists within Life according to Life’s desire for experience. You are Life – Your body and your world exist according to your own desire to experience Life (your true essence) – as that desire has projected through the filter of all judgment held within your individual awareness.

Daily Thought: Sublime

Make the time to be sublime. 🙂 For the one who is willing to take steps in the direction of their own desire – perception eventually becomes so healed of delusion that the perceiver gains the ability to see the difference between superficial fear based wants and the true desires of their eternal soul.