Monthly Archives: February 2011

Daily Thought: Real

There are no 'real' perpetrators, victims or rescuers. Your belief in them is the only 'reason' you continue to perceive them in your world.

Daily Thought: Suffering

Suffering is the soul's message that belief contradicts desire - it's an opportunity to awaken from conditioned thought and believe more desirable beliefs - thus allowing one to perceive information that 'proves' what glorifies them to be 'true'.

Daily Thought: Satisfy

That which satisfies you deeply also benefits you on every level. Forget about what "should" be done, direct attention to the energy that enlivens your body, and be led by the subtle guidance offered by spirit in the form of…

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Daily Thought: Imprisonment

Imprisonment, capital punishment and war repress (and thereby perpetuate) fear of the 'other'; and fear of the 'other' is exactly how 'we' create the perception of 'crime'. Either you are using your individual energy of awareness to keep playing this…

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Daily Thought: Task

The most difficult 'task' is remembering that you are the One Creator when you're focused on something you consider 'negative'. But this remembrance allows you to receive the information necessary to create according to what you consider 'positive'. Self pity…

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Daily Thought: Fear

Fear is a tool for selling sunscreen, pharmaceutical drugs and vaccinations; and Fear is the underlying 'reason' for all dis-ease. Can you see through this illusion?

Daily Thought: Problem

You have no problem. Your world is your reflection and you are perfect as you are. As you realize this, your energy of awareness penetrates through illusion of mind, where it aligns with source to heal your delusional 'need' for something to be 'wrong'.

Daily Thought: Love

You can only perceive Love to the extent you are allowing Love's essence to express through your thought-based energy; and thoughts that distort Love's essence are always based on judgment that something is wrong, bad, unjust or evil. Appreciate what's…

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Daily Thought: Responsibility

You alone are responsible for creating a lifetime that uplifts your energy. Thinking and speaking of things that demean or defile you is the way to avoid responsibility and create more dissatisfaction. But by deliberately imagining, looking for and appreciating…

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Daily Thought: Rich

Condemning wealth or profit recreates greed, poverty and fear in your world, but appreciating abundance in every form invokes your infinite richness to dissolve illusions of limitation and lack - thus allowing your world to be suffused with more prosperity, generosity and pleasure.