Monthly Archives: March 2011

Daily Thought: Relaxing

Relaxing is simple, but that doesn’t mean it comes easily. The ‘hard work” is in identifying the judgments that prevent you from creating according to all that you desire.

Daily Thought: Overindulgence

Overindulgence is the result of doing something from a feeling of guilt or shame, while releasing self judgment cultivates effortless moderation by allowing one to feel the desired sense of satisfaction.

Daily Thought: Gaia

Within you is the power to channel Light energy into the Life of the Earth by blessing her beauty and appreciating her for sustaining your form. Watch what you think about Gaia ~ she feels you.

Daily Thought: Sorry

You never have to say you're sorry. Another person's perception of you is according to what's 'right' for the process of their awakening, based upon all thought that has issued forth from their perspective.

Daily Thought: Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Earthquakes and tsunamis are not your fault, but they are your responsibility. When you believe thoughts that are based on separation aka fear you emanate a vibration that creates the 'need' for fearful circumstance in your own life and for your world.

Daily Thought: Word

The Word is God. You command the creative force by the power of your word (spoken or thought). Pay attention to how you judge what you perceive - this is what you are causing to multiply in your world.

Daily Thought: Homeless

Thinking a homeless person to be in 'need' is a projection of one's own fear-based belief that a disturbing limitation is actually true. Simply love them (our self) without projecting limitations for them ~ and the 'right' action will be expressed effortlessly.

Daily Thought: Limitation

There's nothing wrong with any limitation ~ but limitations only create health to the extent they are not a hinderance to desire.

Daily Thought: Attacker

There is no real separation between you and an attacker. Your perception of being attacked is a projection of your own fear based on judgment that attacking is 'wrong' and that you can be victimized.

Daily Thought: Desire

What we call ‘violent crime’ is an extreme expression of repressed energy of Desire. To the extent Desire is controlled, dis-ease is created, which will eventually manifest in the physical. But recognizing and moving with the impulse of Desire creates…

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