Monthly Archives: April 2011

Daily Thought: Compassion

Compassion knows that the Divine One within each person has the power to live that person's destiny. Service without this knowledge casts Doubt - which inflates ego, and creates dis-ease.

Daily Thought: Laugh

Have a good laugh at your self (the personal creature made of thought). When you notice the ego seeking to validate, justify or defend your self (or any other self), remember that it's all an illusion of your making, and…

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Daily Thought: Evil

Evil is an imaginary thing, and you can deliver your self from it by transforming thoughts about anyone suffering, struggling or failing.  You’re making it all up - determine what you want to be true and make it so.


Daily Thought: Uplift

Uplift everyone you know with your thoughts. Seeing them radiant, abundant and free (whatever that means to you) commands consistent blessings for you and your world.