Monthly Archives: May 2011

True Vision

How you see it makes all the difference. Relax the muscles around the eyes to soften your gaze and allow the true You to be presently present.

Daily Thought: Courage and Will

It takes courage and will to keep returning to the path of least resistance. Fear tempts everyOne to believe thoughts that create inner turmoil, but the one who consciously and deliberately determines the meaning of their thoughts allows the beliefs…

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Daily Thought: Discernment

Discernment is useful for determining the meaning of one's own thoughts. Action is compulsive - it already happened in the mind. Be HereNow - allow your self to be natural - and allow your state of mind to evolve in the direction of Peace.

Embracing Doubt

A habit of doubt is created and perpetuated by resisting aka judging and repressing doubt, while embracing doubt as it arises leads to its resolution - not because anything was done, but because detached awareness naturally resolves the subconscious foundation of whatever dissonant thought pattern is being observed.

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Daily Thought: Darkness

Darkness has no will of its own - it only exists in the absence of light. For everything that one is against, a layer of ignorance filters their light, and darkness expands thereby.

Daily Thought: Doubt

Doubt is a blessing. It presents a question, the acceptance of which leads to an answer and a deeper knowing of who 'I AM'.

Daily Thought: Perception

It's All evolving according to how you are perceiving it Now. If you are not enjoying all of that which you perceive, and you would like to enjoy more, the only thing that to heal is perception in the present moment.

Daily Thought: Control

The more anyone tries to get things and/or people under control, the more 'evidence' they are shown to support the belief that control is necessary.

Releasing Energy Blockages

Thought creates immediate energy blockages in the body. If blocked energy is not released, it leads to mental and physical dis-ease. Remember to pause between thoughts, focus on breathing slow, and send the breath all the way to the pelvic…

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Daily Thought: Thought

How does that thought make you feel? Thoughts have creative power - they resonate throughout the Universe and beyond to draw whatever is a vibrational match to your feelings for the ongoing redefinition of your self, your life and your world.