My Own Authority

I speak only and always for the one that is my self. I cannot speak for anyone else, and I can only speak for the source through my own perception which is created by my own thought.

I cannot be the authority in anyone’s life but my own, and while I don’t need you to agree with me, I sincerely appreciate the part you play in the process of my unfolding.

Self Interest

Self interest is everyone’s motivation, but most people have judged that this is a ‘bad’ thing, and so the ego represses this fundamental truth about the self.
Pursuant to repressed judgment, thoughts of blame are projected that other people’s selfishness could be the cause of perceived suffering.  When one buys into this victim mentality, they create suffering for the only self they can know – their own – while inviting the ‘others’ in their world to reflect suffering back to them.

Separation is Illusion

Many people think they need to separate their self from other people.  The paradox is that belief in separation is the underlying cause of all dis-ease. It creates the mind conceived need for protection – and commands the Universe to show them physical ‘evidence’ in order to prove their ‘truth’ that protection is necessary.

The experience of being abused is created and experienced by the one whose beliefs contradict their true desires – the only thing that can hold the self apart from experiencing the joy/peace/love/abundance that is the essence of I AM.
The belief that anything outside of one’s own ignorance could be responsible for their dis-ease makes it true for their self, and their illusion/reality is showing them all the ‘evidence’ that their beliefs are True.

In reality, every person imaginable exists, but one can only experience the people and behavior that resonate with the vibrational offering of their own thought. There is nothing to separate from – it is all an illusion created by the One that is You. Look without judgment into the eyes of the ‘other’, and remember that they are only a reflection of your self.


I don’t want to be friends with you. My primary focus is upon supporting and uplifting my self – the only self I can know from this perspective.

If friendly relations emerge…fantastic! If they don’t…fantastic! When they end…fantastic too! In any case, I have nothing but love for the Divine source that my perception of you represents.

Daily Thought: Afraid

The one who is afraid of ‘others’ must perceive ‘others’ as fearful, while the one who is in love with ‘All that IS’ must perceive ‘others’ as loving. Freedom of choice is yours – choose according to your heart-felt desires to live the unlimited essence of ‘who you are’ in this lifetime.

Daily Thought: God

It would be silly for anyone to act like God. God doesn’t have an act. You are God acting like your mind created ‘self’. Staying alert as to what you are thinking and how you are feeling allows you to create your self (and consequently your world) according to your true desires.

Daily Thought: Expectations

The real You doesn’t need me to change the way I act to please you. The expectations you’ve created for me are nothing more than the mind’s fearful ‘need’ to validate the imaginary self you have created out of thought.

I love You truly, and True Love can be painful to the ‘self’ you think you are. If you’re looking for ‘self’ validation, look somewhere else -Hopie don’t play dat! Haha!

Daily Thought: Why

There is no why – it just is. Your perception of how the ‘other’ sees you is created out of your own thought.

Asking someone ‘why’ perpetuates victim consciousness in the delusion that someone outside of You has the power to create in your reality -like asking the mirror why its trying to make you look fat. Lol!