Channeled Message: Primary Purpose

Your primary purpose is to experience and thereby create out of Love. Anytime you feel other than Loving/Loved, you are also unwittingly ‘choosing’ to believe judgment that does not serve your purpose.
Pay attention to your thoughts in these moments to expose your judgments and allow You to consciously decide whether they are still necessary.

'The Devil' is Fear

The essence of God is pure, all-encompassing Love, which also creates and sustains this time-space illusion by directing pure awareness through the human mind.  To the extent that there is conflict in the mind (ie: thoughts that feel uncomfortable are taken as true), Love’s essence projects through the energy of fear, thus immediately creating a disturbing feeling in the body.

‘The Devil’ is a personification created by the human mind to explain fearful thoughts and feelings that arise within human awareness. What is labeled as ‘evil’ has manifested in the world and continues to do so according to the fearful thoughts projected by the collective Earth-focused awareness.

With all the conflict, struggle and suffering being lived in the world today, it’s apparent that ‘The Devil’ has been given a substantial amount of power in thought; and the paradox is that the more ‘The Devil’ is battled against, the more powerful ‘The Devil’ becomes.

In ignorance to their true identity, ‘The Devil’ is given life and sustenance by the unconscious (habitual) thought projection of ‘good’, well-meaning people. ‘The Devil’ can even consume awareness to the point that malevolence becomes one’s only available expression.

Many people are becoming aware that only Love can dissolve the ‘need’ for fear, but because most are still afraid to embrace ‘The Devil’, they unwittingly create ‘his’ presence in their thought projection. While each person holds the power to let love prevail through their projection, to exercise that power one must remember to stay alert to their thoughts with the intent to consciously choose Love.

Specifically, to the one who is alert, ‘The Devil’ serves to point out one’s own ignorance, and calls attention to whatever judgment is hindering the full expression of Beingness. Bearing witness to one’s own fearful state leads to absolution of the underlying judgment, thus shaking and eventually dissolving the foundation of belief that ‘The Devil’ actually exists.

By appreciating one’s individualized rendition of ‘The Devil’, and embracing ‘him’ without judgment, one can begin to receive and understand the direction of the soul in absolving the fear-inducing thoughts that society has been conditioned to believe.

Each one has the power to use ‘The Devil’ as a tool to serve the soul’s purpose, thereby liberating their self from the polarities of good and evil and finding eternal peace in the ‘Heaven’ that is always HereNow.

If 'Hell' exists…

The belief that Hell exists requires judgment, and every judgment that does not resonate with the heart’s desires is born in ignorance.

If Hell ‘exists’, the foundation of its existence is nothing but thought. Whether one chooses thought that resonates with the emotion of Love or Fear – everyOne is constantly creating their world according to their individual responses to what is perceived.

All Encompassing Love is existence itself, and to the extent one allows their self to be an instrument for Love, they give fear no ‘space’ in the mind to cultivate ‘Hell’ for their world.

There is no ‘we’ except in imagination. As such, the most relevant question is where am I going from here? The future is always being created in the present, so for me, for Now, I choose Love!

Money Madness

Most people (individualized awareness projecting as human form) create a substantial amount of stress and worry around the subject of money. Monetary abundance is commonly thought to create joy, while a lack of money is commonly thought to produce pain.

In reality, everything is a form of energy, having no value except that which the perceiver assigns to it -and money is no exception. Because most people operate under a false sense of identity, the mind creates many problems, and people believe (a) that their problems are real and (b) that many of their problems can be solved by money – either by getting more for their self, by taking money away from someone thought to have ‘too much’, by giving money to those thought to have ‘not enough’, or by abolishing the use of money all together.

While it benefits everyone to be realistic about how money is used in this illusion, true financial freedom is created by the one who remembers to remember that money (like all things) is a manifestation of thought energy, and to the extent anyone attaches their feelings to money, they experience struggle around the subject.

From the hippy to the senator, unless they are an enlightened master, in mental infancy, or a recluse, all people hold some ideal about money, and there’s nothing wrong about that. The key is in recognizing that one’s present relationship with money is a response to all thought-based feelings they have previously projected about money.

For example, every time someone thinks they can’t afford something, they activate the feeling of ‘not enough’. Unless that feeling is observed, the egoic mind represses, denies or minimizes it while incessantly searching for ways to manipulate more money in the delusion that it will make them feel like they have ‘enough’.

Another example is the one who believes money is a tool of ‘evil’ and/or that an economic collapse is imminent -so they bear with the feeling of not presently having enough money to create personal freedom and joy, while waiting for a future where everything will go in their favor.

This one too is projecting for ‘not enough’, but this one is also projecting for more manifestations of what they consider to be the ‘evil’ use of money. Even if the economic system did collapse, they would still be left with the spiritual poverty they have created in thought.

Conversely, when money is a non-issue, one can be free to express creativity, and ‘enough’ of everything comes in response to creative expression.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that one’s creative expression directly results in monetary manifestations, but with money not being equated with feelings, one can attract money through unlimited channels as a means for them to experience more of the joy they have already projected through creative expression.

In order to activate creativity and allow it to inform action, one must first accept and respect that thought has made money an important form of energetic exchange between people. From the foundation of acceptance and respect, one can begin to observe their personal thoughts about money, and what feelings those thoughts evoke.

Through relaxed observation and acceptance of whatever one thinks/feels, the creative force of awareness shifts one’s relationship with money until money is no longer thought to be a source of anything – and it will be so.

Because this is much easier said than done, it’s very helpful to have support from someone who has experience in this regard. For this reason, I offer counseling/coaching/channeling sessions to guide interested people along their path.