Perception of Need

You are not important, and noOne needs anything from you. When you are denying Love (or only allowing conditional love), the ‘others’ in your experience appear to need you to make them whole, but when Love is allowed the others show up as being enough and having enough.

No matter what you do to fix things for the One you believe to be lacking, you can only create the perception of more ‘need’ from this state of mind.

When you perceive someOne to be in need, remember that someOne is You, and everything is going right.  Love every part you play in this Divine illusion, and how you Be can only allow more Love to be woven into the fabric of ‘what is’.

Heaven First

Heaven first and all else falls in line. All doing is either for a desired feeling or out of a desired feeling, and when doing is for a desired feeling, mental energy makes that feeling unavailable to you until the mind can rationalize it based on what’s been done.

Moreover, nothing that’s done can ever have a lasting effect on feeling, and whatever feeling is evoked by circumstance soon becomes its opposite. The way out of feeling in polarity is to allow the desired feeling irrespective of circumstance.

Present feeling depicts how proximate the vibrational frequency of thoughts come to allowing desired feeling. Awareness of this enables you to discern where thoughts are leading, and to determine which thoughts, if any, you are willing follow.

The conditions of Life are always ideal for your awareness to return to unity with all that you desire; and every circumstance that draws your awareness into separation is another opportunity for transformation and growth through the return to unity.

You seize every such opportunity when you remember your intent to allow all things as they are HereNow, and let your awareness of the breath gently absolve your grip on anything that contradicts your intent.

In this way, the desired feeling can be experienced now, and whatever is done from that feeling becomes an expression of Heaven for your world.

Victims & Villains

The mind seeks to compare people against one another and project delusion by making some people out to be victims and others to be villains.

When you make the delusion you perceive in ‘others’ your concern, your consciousness is hooked to an emotional pattern whereby your energy is given to create more of the subject delusion – and resulting manifestations – that give ‘reason’ for your concern.

It takes great courage to see through delusion and allow your world’s victims and villains to be in a state of grace – because this contradicts how ego (energy of fear) dictates that you ‘should’ respond.  Be willing to let go of concepts about how the ‘other’ should be, and let the warrior within perform the necessary alchemy to turn delusion into solutions that glorify All.

Anxious Mind

Anxiety happens when you believe thoughts about needing to get something done before you can experience peace/freedom/love.

Even though the relief you feel after accomplishing something is gone just as soon as the mind hooks onto the next thing that needs doing, the mind always contends that a greater sense relief will come after you get more done. This is a programmed mental/emotional pattern ‘designed’ to maintain the sense of separation (fear), and give credence to ego (energy of fear).

You don’t have to buy in to this pattern of pain. You have the right and the responsibility to allow slow, deep breath and enjoy the moment to the best of your ability.

When you notice anxiety rising within you, it may help to remember this: To the extent that you are allowing peace/freedom/love from where you stand HereNow, more of that feeling is being created for your experience; and to the extent you believe that you must accomplish something before you can allow peace/freedom/love – more anxiety is being created for your experience.

There’s nothing else to do. Just noticing and breathing creates an opening for consciousness to transform your perception.

Loving Earth


Just like every expression of Life, Earth thrives in response to appreciation. True appreciation is not holding one thing in higher regard than everything else (as in worship), it’s the offering of attention toward whatever one finds pleasing from their individual point of view.


The mind may go on presenting thoughts about Earth being detrimentally unhealthy, how ‘other’ people are doing things to harm or destroy Earth, how Earth cannot sustain all resident life forms, etc.  However, these thoughts are all forms of fear that disconnect your energy of awareness from the greater Truth, lead to counterproductive action, and carry no meaning except that which you give them.


There is no-thing in your world more powerful than your attention. To promote a healthy and sustainable Earth, simply look for what you can appreciate in nature and allow your senses to be enlivened thereby.


From this perspective your perception is infused with Love – the infinite creator and sustainer of all things deemed virtuous by you.