Monthly Archives: August 2011

No Method

No method is needed, not even meditation.

Meditation is the practice of being physically situated in a quiet setting while releasing mental content as it arises. However, the crux of the matter is to give you the ability to consciously direct the thought waves of the mind HereNow - not to accumulate time spent practicing or to get that practice just right.

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Perception of Need

You are not important, and noOne needs anything from you. When you are denying Love (or only allowing conditional love), the 'others' in your experience appear to need you to make them whole, but when Love is allowed the others…

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Natural Healer

You are a natural healer, but to the extent you believe suffering is real, your energy of awareness is given to perpetuate suffering.

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Heaven First

Heaven first and all else falls in line. All doing is either for a desired feeling or out of a desired feeling, and when doing is for a desired feeling, mental energy makes that feeling unavailable to you until the…

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Victims & Villains

The mind seeks to compare people against one another and project delusion by making some people out to be victims and others to be villains.

When you make the delusion you perceive in 'others' your concern, your consciousness is hooked…

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Anxious Mind

Anxiety happens when you believe thoughts about needing to get something done before you can experience peace/freedom/love.

Even though the relief you feel after accomplishing something is gone just as soon as the mind hooks onto the next thing that…

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Love Message: Sustainable Earth

There is no-thing in your world more powerful than your attention. To promote a healthy and sustainable Earth, simply look for what you can appreciate in nature and allow your senses to be enlivened thereby. Read More

Loving Earth


Just like every expression of Life, Earth thrives in response to appreciation. True appreciation is not holding one thing in higher regard than everything else (as in worship), it's the offering of attention toward whatever one finds pleasing from…

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EveryOne is Love

EveryOne is your Lover at the level of source, and if you think you’re not getting what you want from them, it’s only because you’re allowing less Truth than you want through the doorway of your perception.

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Love Message: Endless Battles

All battles are created in the mind, and if you are taking your perceived battles to be real, more battles will keep coming for your experience.


Now's the time to take responsibility for all that you perceive so that…

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