Monthly Archives: October 2011

Social Activism to Divine Activation

Desire for a ‘better’ world is creative movement – and the essence of that world is being made manifest Now, but only to the extent that emotional attachment to when and how is surrendered to the Creative Force.

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Prosperous Essence

Prosperity springs only from within. It has nothing to do with anything perceived to be 'out there'. In reality, there is no 'out there', so there's nothing (nobody) in existence who can hold anyOne away from their prosperous essence.

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To Know God

God is simple and yet unfathomable. Now is always the time to get to know God on a deeper level.


Breathe deeply and slowly while consciously allowing your awareness to come back home to the sensation of energy in…

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Relating with The One

There is no ‘we’ , ‘them’ or ‘us’ except as perceptual illusion. In reality, there is only One, and that One is You.  In this regard, your interpersonal relations are but a reflection of how your mind made (false) self relates with the true You.

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Seeking for Change is the Delusion

The mind seeks to know why something is wrong, and then find the solution in order to make it right. However, no-thing is wrong until you mentally deem it so, and by deeming something to be wrong, all you have done is given the feeling of ‘wrong’ power over your energy of awareness.

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No-thing to Accept

Acceptance is not something to be done by you. The essence of ‘who you are’ is the Loving Acceptance from which all things arise in your experience.

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There is no such thing as luck (good or bad). You are always getting what you are supposed to get based on the culmination of all thought-based feeling that you have projected up to this moment.

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Self Acceptance Manifests Loving Relations

Truly harmonious relations are cultivated by self acceptance, not self control. In every moment that you are trying to avoid hurting anyOne’s feelings, you are forcing an unnatural expression - which hinders authentic connection and manifests as disharmony in your relations.

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Elimination Communication

Here's a few books recommended by Ano - founder of sustainable community, GaiaYoga - when I interviewed him about natural potty training, or what he calls 'Elimination Communication'. Click Here to see the video.