Monthly Archives: November 2011

Evolution and Creation

The debate about whether humans evolved from apes is irrelevant to this moment, and only serves as a smokescreen that keeps human consciousness mired in the dualistic perpetuation of suffering.


Creation and evolution are not separate phenomena. Life evolves in every moment according to the perspective of conscious intelligence.

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The ultimate youth and vitality 'treatment' is to feel beautiful. This is because each of the trillions of cells that make up your physical structure contain receptors that respond to the vibration of your thoughts.

Go ahead and allow your…

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Selfless Service

Nothing needs to be done. There is nothing you need to learn and nobody you need to serve.

Your experience of a distinct self is serving The One (YOU) no matter what you are doing or not doing within the…

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There's nothing to be embarrassed about. Embarrassment no-thing but a case of mis-identification that keeps energy of awareness bound to a mental loop between self control and self shame.


In reality, everything you do and say through your personality…

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Stop Signs

Heed the signs, especially the *stop* signs. Just because you may be seeing how people create their own misery does not mean it's up to your personality to try and save them.


If it doesn't support and uplift your…

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