The ultimate youth and vitality ‘treatment’ is to feel beautiful. This is because each of the trillions of cells that make up your physical structure contain receptors that respond to the vibration of your thoughts.

Go ahead and allow your self to feel beautiful – it’s the truth of who you are!

Note: Essential oils are very effective at helping to expose self limiting beliefs to the light of awareness so they can be resolved. If you feel inspired to try this form of self therapy, please Click Here to check out the Miracle Botanicals Website.

Selfless Service

Nothing needs to be done. There is nothing you need to learn and nobody you need to serve.

Your experience of a distinct self is serving The One (YOU) no matter what you are doing or not doing within the illusion.

As you let go of egoic seeking to be of service to self or the other (which are really the same thing), the immense appreciation that The One (who you are) holds for your unique personality can be remembered…and through sheer enjoyment of Being, your true essence emanates through your personality – effortlessly commanding blessings for your self/world.


There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Embarrassment no-thing but a case of mis-identification that keeps energy of awareness bound to a mental loop between self control and self shame.


In reality, everything you do and say through your personality triggers feelings that cause You (God) to project Your (God’s) preferences for experiencing more Joy/Bliss/Love; and in this regard, your personality is constantly working and serving to refine Your (God’s) plan for All of creation.


The moment you recognize that embarrassed feeling is not necessary, the mind pattern of control and shame is transcended, and your energy of awareness is moved toward the feeling of deep appreciation that the real You (God) holds for the *work* your personality is doing.


In so allowing the movement of energy toward appreciation – the personality is gracefully evolved toward the preferences that have been projected through triggered feeling.


In this way, the personality naturally becomes the expression of desirable behavior without the pressure of having to make it happen.

Stop Signs

Heed the signs, especially the *stop* signs. Just because you may be seeing how people create their own misery does not mean it’s up to your personality to try and save them.


If it doesn’t support and uplift your energy of awareness to speak up, just keep quiet and enjoy the show. Your example of living in harmony speaks way louder than any combination of words – no matter how heartfelt and sincere.