Monthly Archives: December 2011

Holiday Light

What you think people think about you is a mental projection that keeps your perception in line with the beliefs you are holding.

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Raw Papaya Custard

This recipe is super simple to make, tastes awesome, sets up beautifully and is chock full of healthy fat, nutrients and enzymes. Serves 12
  • 4 average size papayas, seeded and scooped out of the skin
  • 12 fertile eggs (preferable unrefrigerated)…

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Let Them Be!

Let them be, and you will be set free. You cannot control the experience of anyOne, so it's safe to let go of your personality's self righteous ideas about how their life should unfold.

You Don’t Know Better

You don't really know better than anyOne. Your world is only a reflection of your thought created self, and your worldly wisdom is nothing but a collection of self judgment that you have picked up along your unique journey through this and previous lifetimes.

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Personality is the Resistance

Your personality is the resistance…the necessary resistance for expansion of this big idea called Life.  But this does NOT mean that you have to suffer.

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Beautiful People

People are to you however you are making them out to be. They are expressions of energy which you interpret according to your personal ideas (self image).

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Fighting for Love

Love is not something to fight for.  Love is simple and free - You always receive Love to the extent you offer Love.


Fighting for love is a tool of ego (energy of fear) – it may result in what appear to be short term ‘wins’ – but in the long run it’s a recipe for intense personal suffering.

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