Monthly Archives: January 2012

Releasing Shame

Shame is just an expression of belief, and when the underlying belief is recognized as untruth - there is nothing in your energy of awareness for shame to adhere to. Whether the shame you feel is for your self, or you are projecting shame onto others, the cause and the solution are the same.

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No Neutrality

NoOne can remain neutral. Whatever you focus upon is fueled by your attention - thus causing more of it to manifest in your world.

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The Gift of Transcendence

While you have no power over anyOne's perception of your individualized self, you Alone decide whether to give those perceptions creative power in your world.   As long as you are defining your self according to other people's perceptions and expectations, you are living through the same mental conditioning that has formed your self up to this point in time - which may be effectively suppressing your own spirit/heart/higher truth.

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