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How to Use Essential Oils


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Note: The dosages that follow are for adults only. Essential Oils can be used for children, but only in very small dosages, and some essential oils are not suitable for…

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Essential Oil for Children

Babies and children have an especially sensitive sense of smell.  Therapeutic essential oils are very potent and should not be administered around children's face/nose.  It takes only six weeks for babies to recognize their mother's scent and distinguish between their…

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Most Influential Religion

The most influential religion in the Universe is belief in thoughts about how things and people 'should' be. This is the only religion worth scrutinizing because when you recognize its untruth, the religion of mind is lost, and only Love/Bliss/Peace remains.

Perfect World

This Sandalwood from East India (Mysore), has been used for centuries along with the intent to stay devoted to Love/God. For many it has served and does serve as a powerful tool to keep one re-minded of the Truth that…

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Enjoyment Eases Suffering

Laughing BuddhaUnwillingness to allow pleasure/joy/comfort/luxury for your self does nothing but create more suffering for your inner/outer world.

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Thank You!!

The very foundation of discomfort, dis-ease and suffering is always an idea that anyOne or anyThing needs to do, be or have something other than what's real right now.

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