You are inherently abundant – money is only a tool for expressing that abundance. Self limiting belief – Like the one about it taking hard work to earn money; or the one about being enslaved by the ‘rich’ actually stifles creative thought – which is the only thing that prevents money from flowing generously into anyOne’s experience.

Your Job

It’s not your job to please your spouse/lover/partner. The energy of trying to please anyOne only leads to feelings of frustration, resentment and loneliness.

It’s through realizing how to be pleased, and allowing pleasure for your self within your relationship that the ‘other’ is pleased through no effort of your own. Simply Be Love – the rest takes care of itself. ♥


NoBody can make you feel anything. Nothing is personal except the judgment you are holding for your self.

If your perception of someBody’s expression makes you feel disrespected, attacked or wrong, it’s a sure sign that you are projecting your personally held judgment onto them.

Simply acknowledge that judgment, notice how it makes you feel – and healing happens naturally. Blessings to All!!

God is Perfect

God is Perfect, and All is God. Only the confused mind would think of separating anyThing from God and labeling it ‘mis-take’, ‘mis-step’ or ‘wrong’ in any way.

Seeing through this confusion immediately eliminates ones attachment to personal suffering. Be Well, my Loves! ♥

Financial Struggle

“It’s been my experience that financial struggle is a universal call for me to be more honest. As I align myself with more truth, my financial experience moves from scarcity into greater abundance.

If scarcity is our experience, then we have in someway disconnected ourselves from the abundant nature of life. To blame an external condition as the cause of scarcity, is to separate ourselves from the solution. Just as if we were to blame another person for our anger, then we wait for the person to change before we can be without anger; which gives your internal well being away to another person or condition.

Most people wait for external conditions to change before they feel abundant internally.
Learn to see more clearly how scarcity is created from within, then you will see how you have to power to create a different life experience.” Tigmonk

All is Perfection

“All is perfection only.
Perfection is everywhere to behold;
But first you must have the eyes to see it.
Only the one with perfect eyes can see Perfection.
Think of yourself,
And a subtle image is formed
Inside the mind.
You are not this nor any image or thought.
You are the Silent and formless Awareness
Within which innumerable impressions appear
And disappear without trace.”

~ Mooji ~

Hope’s comment: Yes! Oneness/Non-Dualism is not about getting people to agree with you and fight against the imperfection you perceive in the world.