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Bulgarian Rose Otto Essential Oil Profile

bulgarian rose otto

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Bulgarian Rose Otto Essential Oil is one of the most sought after oils for its scent, purity, and array of healing benefits. True Bulgarian Rose Otto is extremely rare, as it is…

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Cure for Scarcity Consciousness

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Drawing upon her understanding of the science of epigenetics coupled with her experience working with pure essential oils, Rev. Hope Johnson, founder of Miracle botanicals has created a Reiki charged Pure…

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It’s Only A Matter of Time

It's only a matter of time before ALL of your dreams, desires and hopes are made manifest. Breathe consciously and relax, so that you may allow more of them to happen during this lifetime.

Parents Frustrated with Wiggly Kids

Here's a response I wrote in response to a reporter's questions at

What do you know about a parent's frustration with wiggly kids? Parents who are frustrated with wiggly kids hold a belief that kids should not wiggle…

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Inflammation & Essential Oils

Inflammation leads to heart disease, not Cholesterol levels; and the leading cause of inflammation is stress...

Pure Essential Oils coupled with a diet that contains plenty of saturated fats from grass fed animals is a formula that alleviates stress -…

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Abundance has nothing to do with having a bunch of money. Most people who are considered 'wealthy' by worldly standards actually live in poverty (and project poverty for their world) through their own guilt and pity for the perceived 'less…

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Healing through Relationship

Emotion connects the individual consciousness between two people, and that is the basis of personal relationship. When we share an emotional connection (relationship) with someone, we affect their consciousness through the projection of our own thoughts. The deeper the emotional…

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If you don't recognize this world as Heaven, it's only because you've been believing fearful (aka sinful) thoughts - which are responsible for making it feel like Hell.

Whenever you're ready to awaken to the beauty and abundance that is…

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What Do You See?

"If you look out into the world and see beauty, it can only be because within yourself you see beauty. Likewise, if you look out into the world and see disgust, it can only be because within yourself there are…

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Time is an illusion! There is time for everything you want to do. It's just a matter of making those things a priority in your daily activities.

This is Heaven, silly! You don't HAVE to prioritize what you want to…

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