Monthly Archives: October 2012

Heart Centered Love Affair

Mind Centered Love Affair: When you do what I think you should be doing, I love you; and when you don't do what I think you should be doing, I'm afraid you. Perhaps if I make you afraid of me…

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Presidential Candidates

Romney or Obama makes no difference. Government is just a reflection of consciousness. Changing the scenery in the White House, or not, does nothing to relieve humanity's long practiced patterns of dis-ease.

Spritiual Evolution

The idea that anyone is more spiritually evolved than another is just an extension of humanity's original fall from Grace - belief in a separate self.

Enlightenment/Wholeness/Liberation/Heaven is the One reality. Everything else is part of the illusion -…

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More Spiritual

No thing is more spiritual than another - and in reality - spiritual awareness is compromised by the energy of comparison and discrimination.