Heart Centered Love Affair

Mind Centered Love Affair: When you do what I think you should be doing, I love you; and when you don’t do what I think you should be doing, I’m afraid you. Perhaps if I make you afraid of me leaving, you will do what I want…Wait, but what if you want to leave me – then I’ll live up to your expectations – but only until I get the upper hand again.

Heart Centered Love Affair: You do as you like, and I’ll do as I like – and if romance is meant to be, it’ll be.

Spritiual Evolution

The idea that anyone is more spiritually evolved than another is just an extension of humanity’s original fall from Grace – belief in a separate self.

Enlightenment/Wholeness/Liberation/Heaven is the One reality. Everything else is part of the illusion – including the concepts of spiritual evolution and levels of transcendence.

The story of self is a creative play. Remember to remember your true identity, and create Paradise wherever you Be.