Familial Obligations

All obligations are made up, including Familial Obligations.

To the extent you feel obligated to make your family members happy with you, your own experience of enjoyment is being resisted. Likewise, to the extent you expect your family members to make you happy, your own experience of enjoyment is being resisted.

Allowing Freedom for You and all others, as individual creators of their own experience, opens new energetic channels whereby you can experience more enjoyment than ever thought possible. Sometimes this means setting boundaries between your individual self and family members who insist that you are responsible for their dis-ease.

You are worthy of more Joy than you can presently imagine. By recognizing your obligations as FALSE, you give your self permission to go there.

Happy New World!!

Abundance & Prosperity

Abundance is not something certain folks have and others do not. Limitless Abundance is the very essence of Existence, and noOne gets cut off, ever.

How much Abundance you allow for your individual self depends ONLY upon how Prosperous you are Being (the extent to which you have been re-believing thoughts that defend scarcity/lack/financial worry, or not).

When you notice thoughts like ‘I can’t afford that’, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, ‘rich people are greedy’, ‘I’m in debt’, etc. – you’re invited to give these thoughts a Kiss, and notice how much you already have to appreciate.

Every time you recognize thoughts that deny your Abundant essence as FALSE, your self automatically become more Prosperous – because the idea of lack loses power over your consciousness.

BTW – I have created an essential oil blend called Prosperity Formula, which is designed to help penetrate the delusion of scarcity/lack/worry.

Abundant blessings, my friends.

You Control Nothing

You, in and of your mind-made self Control Nothing, not even your own self. In every moment, All Movement is arranged and controlled by the Collective Mind, based on all perceptions that have led up to that moment.

In this way, your creativity lies ONLY in how you respond to ‘reality’ as it crosses the screen of awareness – even if your response is re-believing a perceived need for control. To the extent you’ve been believing thoughts that anything can be controlled, the mind is Now showing you evidence of things that need to be controlled.

But in the moment you give up the illusion of control, you allow your self to be driven by the part of You that’s capable of bringing about All of your heartfelt desires. If you’re willing to give up the illusion of control, just watch the mind as it moves into the idea of controlling anything, and give yourself permission to RELAX.

Emotional Triggers

If you’re emotionally triggered by someThing, that Thing is being done FOR you. Instead of trying to drag others into your emotional dis-ease, you can choose to embrace the Thing as a blessing, and thereby allow the underlying karma to be resolved.

Nothing to Control

Habitual thought patterns seek to exert control. You are not the thought patterns, You are Magnificence.

In the moment you recognize that there is nothing that needs to be controlled, the controlling thought patterns lose power over your consciousness.


The more you believe in your complaints, the more you are given to complain about.

The habitual thought patterns of not wanting what you’ve got are the cause of Complaint. While it looks like the thing you’re complaining about is the cause of your complaint – that thing is only happening in order propagate deeply ingrained mental patterns of not wanting what you’ve got.

So, how to stop complaining? This is not something you can actually Do. You can only watch the complaining and recognize that BELIEF in the feeling and associated thoughts is the ONLY thing that keeps you coming back into the mental state of not wanting what you’ve got – which you may have been practicing for a very long time.

Allow your self to wallow in the feeling that complaint brings, while noticing the inner commentary that comes along with it. When the smokescreen of emotional turmoil subsides, you will have been delivered to a new perspective.

But you must continue to keep watch, for the energy that drives complaint has been given much power over consciousness – such that it has become a well established habit pattern that indiscriminately seeks control over human consciousness.

Notwithstanding the influential power this habit pattern has been given, if you continue with the Intent to keep watch no matter what the external circumstance – the energy of complaint will incrementally lose credibility in your perception until it no longer has any power over the course of your life.

We Could Die!

“We could Die if we don’t have enough Influence or Control!” Just another FALSE concept that keeps us dependent on the mind-created self, conflicted against one another, and in denial of the Eternal Life that Really supports and sustains our existence.

Moreover, belief in this concept is the ‘working capital’ required for the creation of bombs, guns, capital punishments, etc.

Are you ready to give this one up to Trust, and create a new momentum for your life and for This World?