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Familial Obligations

All obligations are made up, including Familial Obligations.

To the extent you feel obligated to make your family members happy with you, your own experience of enjoyment is being resisted. Likewise, to the extent you expect your family members to…

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Abundance & Prosperity

Abundance is not something certain folks have and others do not. Limitless Abundance is the very essence of Existence, and noOne gets cut off, ever.

How much Abundance you allow for your individual self depends ONLY upon how Prosperous you…

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Sharing is the Fulfillment

In the Sharing of Love, there is No Service, No Purpose, No Control and No Expectation. The Sharing, in and of itself, IS the FULFILLMENT

Facts are Stories

Every fact is based on an imagined story that's always changing to reflect the story tellers' consciousness. Which facts are you still defending?

You Control Nothing

You, in and of your mind-made self Control Nothing, not even your own self. In every moment, All Movement is arranged and controlled by the Collective Mind, based on all perceptions that have led up to that moment.

In this…

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Emotional Triggers

If you're emotionally triggered by someThing, that Thing is being done FOR you. Instead of trying to drag others into your emotional dis-ease, you can choose to embrace the Thing as a blessing, and thereby allow the underlying karma to be resolved.

Nothing to Control

Habitual thought patterns seek to exert control. You are not the thought patterns, You are Magnificence.

In the moment you recognize that there is nothing that needs to be controlled, the controlling thought patterns lose power over your consciousness.


The more you believe in your complaints, the more you are given to complain about.

The habitual thought patterns of not wanting what you’ve got are the cause of Complaint. While it looks like the thing you’re complaining about is…

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We Could Die!

"We could Die if we don't have enough Influence or Control!" Just another FALSE concept that keeps us dependent on the mind-created self, conflicted against one another, and in denial of the Eternal Life that Really supports and sustains our…

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Which Beliefs?

In a creative reality based on belief, you choose which beliefs you're going to keep clinging to, and which ones you're going to give up, and allow to be transformed.