Enamored Mind

A mind enamored with its own self believes that it knows how to fix the problems being projected by the mind.

When you’ve had enough, simply be willing to give up all of your concepts to God/Love, and the Way will present itself through the particulars of your life.

Opposite Emotions

Every Emotion Contains its Opposite. Guilt/Pride, Happiness/Sorrow, Excitement/Boredom, etc. All of these are temporary Thought Forms which arise within the Magnificence that you are.

Just noticing that ALL seemingly Personal Feelings and associated Thoughts are FALSE diffuses their Influence over your Consciousness, your Life and This World.

In this way, thoughts and feelings continue to emerge, but instead of moving you wildly between opposite extremes, they are experienced at a deeper dimension – where the play of opposites can be met with Delight – and Truly Transformative Solutions can be Recognized and Integrated through the particulars of your Life Experience.

School Shootings

If the recent school shootings have you arguing for or against Guns, you’re missing the point. ♥

This is an invitation to see through the emotional turmoil triggered by the event, and Flow Love in all directions. In the moment this Invitation is Accepted, you are making a difference that cannot be calculated by any amount of Critical Thinking.

The Child has Come

The Child has Come to Lead the Way toward Your Heart’s Desires. But the Mind-Made self wants to Condition the Child to Carry Your Fears Forward, and thereby Resist this Movement.To Let the Child BE, Simply stop buying into thoughts that say the Child needs to be Influenced, Controlled, Molded or Manipulated.

Communicating with Joy

In Communicating, your Personal Intent may be to Prove a Point, get what you Want, gain Closure, Reach Agreement, etc. But the underlying Purpose of EVERY Interaction is to inspire Creativity and to keep re-focusing Consciousness on the Path toward Divine Union within this Dream called Life.

Remember to Remember what’s really going on behind the Veil of Illusion – to discover the Way to ENJOY whatever is Happening on the Periphery.

Conflict between Human & Nature

The Human Mind has created conflict between Human and Nature. As if Human Nature is somehow ‘bad’ and needs to be controlled, regulated, manipulated or influenced toward whatever is currently Believed to be ‘good’.

But, just like the Earth, Plants, Trees, and Animals – Humans are Self Sustainable and Inherently Divine – each Individual One being an Equally Important Expression of the Divine Mystery.

It’s only our collective playing into the idea that we are ‘bad’ that leads our collective experience into the territory of Harming our Selves and our Environment.

You are NOT Guilty!! You are Magnificence – It’s OK to Let Your Self and all Others BE!!