Transcending Polaraties

Self confidence and self doubt are two polarities of the same delusional thought pattern. You can’t be in the energy of one polarity without attracting the other.

To transcend this play of opposites and the roller coaster emotions that make it feel so real – remember to remember that the individual self is not your true identity – and that your Worth is exponentially greater than anything you can imagine.

In this way, you can discover what movement aligns with that which you truly Desire right here and now.

Letting Go of Concern

Concern (anxiety, worry, etc) is just a temptation that can keep you bound to the conditions of mind-made self, if you let it. Concern is not only unnecessary in order to perceive what is Desired, but it also resists Life’s movement toward making all of your Desires manifest.

To be an active partner with Life is to give up your concerns, so that you can be tuned in to what’s being asked of you in This moment – thus allowing your every movement to glorify the Magnificent Spirit that is You, and to bring peace/abundance/blessings to This World.

Mother Earth

Concern for Earth is just a projection of Self Doubt (doubt that humanity is worthy of enjoyment).

Mother Earth is constantly being re-formed as a perfect reflection of human consciousness. To the extent humanity is restricting its experience of Joy in order to Save the Earth – Mother Earth is projecting more to be concerned about.

As You give your concerns up to enjoyment of the Gifts that are before you – you will come to understand that Mother Earth’s abundant paradise is Created to provide for and support all that you Desire.


You don’t have to try and make the Right decision. Just make a decision and then let thoughts of Regret fall into silence. In this way, all of your decisions create more Peace and Freedom for your Self and for This World.

Flowing Resources

The more skill you develop toward calculating and protecting your Resources, the more you resist the Effortless Abundance of which you are worthy.

All material Resources are Gifts of Grace – they do not come out of your self. The self is an instrument of perception, and any Work that you think you’ve done serves only as ‘proof’ to the mind that you are deserving of the resources you now appear to possess.

Accordingly, you’re invited to offer more of your energy of awareness for taking delight in your Vision; and whenever you notice tense thoughts about HOW you are going to make that vision manifest – you’re invited to focus on the breath and rest in silence.

As for the resources, they always take care of themselves. To the extent you offer resources out of an inspired feeling, the resources necessary for the next step in the direction of your Vision will show up right on time.

If you take steps in frustration, greed, worry etc., that’s great too! The resistance you put in will continue to take form as barriers that appear to prevent you from manifesting according to your Vision. The more the root cause of these ‘barriers’ is realized, the easier it becomes to Let Go and Let God.

All Resources are Gifts of Love. Let them Flow!!





You don’t need obligation for anything other than to realize how obligation feels – and that the feeling is born out of a false story that’s leading you away from that which is Desired.

Commitment, on the other hand, is a distinct energy. It comes out of passion and inspiration to move in the direction of Desire, and it brings fulfillment without having achieved any outcome.

Commitment will only evolve into Obligation to help you realize that you are no longer moving in the direction of Desire – even if all logical reason says that you are.

To bring about more of what’s really Desired in this moment, simply Notice whatever is Obligating you with Willingness to see other options.