The Pollution you observe in the world is just a reflection of what has already happened in the mind. Condemning the pollution and ‘needing’ people to ‘change their ways’ is a Distraction that prevents you from realizing the dis-eased beliefs held within your construct of self – which is really what makes Pollution a necessary thing.

To take responsibility for the external Pollution you observe is to keep noticing how that observation makes you feel, while allowing the thoughts about it to fall into silence. Once you are centered back in the Realization that All is Well, Pollution looks like a beautiful opportunity for Creative Expression – And So it IS… ~ ♥ ~

Pure Light

Your self (body/mind) is created out of Pure Light. YOU are the Bearer of that Light.

Shadow/Darkness/Evil represent lack of Light; AND your Belief that Shadow/Darkness/Evil have any power over self or others – is the only thing that shades your Light.

As the Bearer of Light, you Alone have the power to illuminate and transform any situational tension just by remembering to relax your involvement with your thoughts for this moment, and pay attention to the breath and the energy in your body.

This allows the Light to dissolve the limitations you have innocently created against your self – so that you may be moved with less effort in the direction of your desires.

Heaven Here Now

Non-Heaven/anti-Christ is mind created. Heaven is so ‘near’, that it’s right within us – the only place it will ever be. When mental judgments resolve, the Christ embodies the mind-created self, and Heaven reveals itself.

Christ is everyOne’s true identity. Beyond the illusion of separation, all is One and all is God.

Will you open your heart and allow your mind-created self to be a vessel for Christ’s second coming, or will you continue looking to ‘facts’ that tell you Heaven is in a future that will never be HereNow?

Desired Relationships

Your relations with other people are a mirror reflection of the relationship between your mind-made self and the desires you have set in motion through your life experience. In this way, your experiences of others are designed to help you define your heart’s desires and move into alignment/relational harmony with them.

To the extent you deny your desires for whatever reason, you experience emotional turmoil in your self and in your relationships. But when you get clear about what you desire in a relationship partner, with willingness to make those desires known, and without expectation that they will be fulfilled by any person in particular – you create a new momentum that moves you toward the relationships you desire.

In this regard, y0u’re invited to name the relational qualities you desire, speak them loud and clear, and then keep noticing without re-believing thoughts about what anybody should be doing for you or giving you, thoughts about how long any relationship should last and thoughts that say you can’t have what you truly desire.

In the moment you practice this awareness, your mind-made self is being transmuted into vibrational alignment with your desires – which automatically reflects as more harmony, satisfaction and fulfillment in your relationships with everybody and everything.




Healing Through Sadness

Sadness in and of itself is not the cause of dis-ease. It’s re-believing ‘bad’ feeling thoughts about Life, including thoughts that say the triggers of Sadness or Sadness itself shouldn’t be – This is what makes anyOne feel ‘bad’ while in the emotion of Sadness.

Sadness actually presents awesome opportunities to release resistance to Pleasure Through allowing Sadness to be fully experienced. To cultivate this allowing, simply keep returning attention to the breath and to the Feelings in the body whenever you Remember to Observe your thoughts.

That’s all there is to do – as the mental noise around Sadness clears, Sadness is met with a more Joyful perspective, no matter how Sad the circumstances.


From feeling lack of fulfillment and unhappiness, one projects that others are on the wrong path. AND the one projecting these feelings is perfectly whole, as said projections are part of their path to fulfillment and happiness.