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Violence is not really in the act. What's perceived as violence is the compulsive playing out of that which is in the heart of humanity.

The temptation is to condemn the act, and thus create more violence. Breathing and noticing…

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The need to influence another person's expression is evidence of repressed discontent with ones self.

The Way Home

The delusional mind seeks to keep you comfortable within the idea that you are a separate self because it cannot understand that you are eternal essence and really One with the world that appears to be around you.

But the…

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Everything is going Right. Just observe. Watch...Listen...Feel what's being triggered in you.


The energy of Stealing - not any action - always results in a net Loss in one's experience.

Whether the intent is to gain something by depriving another of material goods, attention, dignity, status, etc., to give out of obligation…

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Nothing has gone wrong, and there's no self to be forgiven. Forgiveness is what happens when beliefs based on the idea of a separate self are recognized as FALSE.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Don't shoot the messenger! Projection of Judgment is a convenient way to avoid Listening to the messages being presented in the form of other people.

Ripped Off

You don't own anything. The experience of being ripped off is just a shadow cast by the mind's agenda to protect what you believe to be yours.

Aware Mind

The mind that thinks it's aware remains the master until it's seen as unfit for the role.

There is only enough space for one master - you choose either the one who manipulates or the one who integrates - but…

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scf4338-038Manipulation in the material sense is what 'we' (as in creatures of mind) are here to do, and while it seems as if we have free will in this regard, we are really being played in a manner that correlates…

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