Violence is not really in the act. What’s perceived as violence is the compulsive playing out of that which is in the heart of humanity.

The temptation is to condemn the act, and thus create more violence. Breathing and noticing this allows you to get in touch with how it feels when your body/mind is being used as an instrument for expanding the energy of violence.

May peace prevail in you and through you, into the life of your world. Aloha!

The Way Home

The delusional mind seeks to keep you comfortable within the idea that you are a separate self because it cannot understand that you are eternal essence and really One with the world that appears to be around you.

But the mind makes for a very poor master of your life experience. While mental cunningness can create a temporary illusion of enhanced comfort, it inevitably leads to increased conflict, suffering and disease.

To reclaim your rightful place as Master of your life experience, and live from the level of Comfort from which you have never really been moved, requires a Willingness to detach from mental movements that seek to create and maintain a false sense of comfort.

Simply allowing thoughts to fall onto silence while feeling (without following the comments about) the felt resonance of discomfort in your body/mind is the way Home.


The energy of Stealing – not any action – always results in a net Loss in one’s experience.

Whether the intent is to gain something by depriving another of material goods, attention, dignity, status, etc., to give out of obligation (stealing from self), or to give in order to create obligation in another – there is a projection for Deprivation in that moment.

Likewise, when the intent is to receive in gratitude that which is being offered, to create boundaries that honor the self, or to give freely from a generous heart – the projection is for Enrichment.

Within every interaction there is an intent. Come to recognize what intent you are projecting to discover Wealth that’s beyond reason – in all aspects of your life experience.

Aware Mind

The mind that thinks it’s aware remains the master until it’s seen as unfit for the role.

There is only enough space for one master – you choose either the one who manipulates or the one who integrates – but in trying to choose both, only the manipulative one is being chosen.


scf4338-038Manipulation in the material sense is what ‘we’ (as in creatures of mind) are here to do, and while it seems as if we have free will in this regard, we are really being played in a manner that correlates with the All.

The delusional mind seeks to keep you comfortable within the idea that you can manipulate your thoughts and action in order to create more personal comfort. But the mind makes for a very poor creator of comfort, because while mind can create the temporary illusion of comfort, it inevitably causes your experience to correlate with the All in a manner that appears to defile you.

What’s being invited here is not to try to avoid manipulation, but to observe manipulation as far as the mind’s intent to control personal comfort.

You are invited to recognize that hoping for what you want and repressing what you fear in order to create personal Comfort is the ‘common sense’ way to mask pain and discomfort – which manifests materially as dis-ease in its many forms (accidents, illness, war, etc.)

I know it can be difficult to ‘see’ in this way, but just keep breathing and noticing, my love, and in time it will become abundantly clear.

With much Aloha from the Big Island.