Nurturing Your Inner Child

While you are thinking about the drama that triggered an uncomfortable feeling, you cannot also meet your inner child’s needs for attention, love and compassion. These kinds of thoughts are the mind’s feeble efforts to make you feel better by focusing your attention on figuring out how to control the situation and people involved.

Said efforts can only result in surface changes while reinforcing hidden agendas to gain attention, love and compassion from others by casting shadows that make you out be treated wrongly over and over again.

When you’re ready to step into your own power, start feeling the pain of your emotions with the intent to give your inner child whatever Comfort is needed to return to Wholeness. To stay focused on your intent, keep recognizing the thoughts that resonate with your pain as a Diversion, and let them subside on their own.


Greed is a feeling response associated with the delusional idea that there is not enough for everyOne to be wealthy. The people who appear to be Greedy and the ones who appear to be held in Poverty by the Greedy are simply playing their part in reflecting of the consequences of this delusion.

When you’re ready to take responsibility for this insanity, thank your reflections for their service, and allow the resonance of the lies that are being taken as true to be felt deeply by you.

Life and Death

You, in and of your self, control nothing – not even your apparent survival in this time-space reality.

Indeed, you are not even capable of breathing by yourself. Life breathes your emotional, physical and mental bodies into being moment by moment, only until the time is Right – as far as the All is concerned – for that breath to be withdrawn.

Irrespective of how much anxiety you create through hoping for life and fearing death – Life’s purpose is to create countless sufferings until you’re willing to lay down egoic ideas of the godlike self – and become as an empty vessel for your Magnificent aspect to create Heaven wherever you happen to be focused.

Expressing upsets

Sincerely expressing that which upsets you is always more transformative than pretending you’re feeling fine. But it’s also a projection onto the other of the delusion you picked up in infancy.

Said projection keeps emotional turmoil returning to your experience again and again.

When you’re ready, leave the other as they are and turn your focus inward. Feel the feelings, and just witness as the mind tirelessly tries to tempt you into re-believing in blame and victimhood.

In this way, circumstances and relationships transform on their own – like Magic.