Vengeful Thoughts

Vengeful thoughts are born out of the core belief that Love is something that must be earned. Such thoughts arise on fearful emotional patterns that began in infancy – when we first took this false idea as truth.

The idea that we are not unconditionally loved made us feel afraid that we may not be found good or worthy enough to deserve love. To avoid that fearful feeling we innocently escaped into the corridors of mind to help us to become loveable.

When we were rewarded for our efforts, we felt worthy of the love that we craved; and when we were punished, we felt unworthy and thus vengeful. Vengeful thoughts are the way the mind protects us from feeling unworthy, by making others out to be more deserving of punishment than we are.

These thoughts powerfully command our attention, and make us numb to the underlying feeling sensation, which attracts them. NoBody is immune from vengeful thoughts – which are the building blocks for the myriad ways in which we have been harming ourselves and others over thousands of years.

We are all complicit and innocent simultaneously – we are only doing the best we can based on what we believe to be true. Before we were given physical bodies, we all knew the truth, but in our innocence we took on the world’s lack of love as absolute truth, and from that core belief we have added more beliefs, which serve to further deny the Love that we are.

As adults, the idea that love must be earned continues to run our lives and the collective world, but only until we experientially remember the truth.

How do we experience what’s true? When we observe thoughts that seek to punish anyone, we direct our mental attention toward quietly experiencing whatever feelings are arising.

We intend to observe what’s being felt instead of indulging in thought streams that ask ‘why me’, make anyone out to be wrong, fantasize about harm coming to people, or try to figure out how to change anyone.

We remember our intent to quietly observe the vibrational resonance in our bodies as we keep re-directing our attention on the felt sensation – even when presented with thoughts about how our feelings or thoughts need to be changed, healed, transformed, etc.

We also recognize that the most intensely uncomfortable emotions present thoughts that seem very important in the moment, and we keep breathing and redirecting our attention as we do our best to feel beneath those thoughts.

Vengeful thoughts are not our fault, but they have become our responsibility. For we are the living heirs of these thoughts, and the violence in our world is a reflection of them.

Keep breathing consciously and do your best. Through your presence, you have the power to command miracles of grace in your life and for your world.

Peaceful You Are

The need to stop anyone’s behavior or wait for their behavior to change is based on the false idea that Peace can be created through control and suppression.

Notice where you try to manipulate a Peaceful experience by getting people or things to change, or by believing thoughts that you will be more Peaceful in the future when people or things are different.

That’s it – just notice. Because you are Peace – this noticing exposes the silliness of the endeavor to make Peace or wait for Peace – and this insane tendency resolves on its own.

Pollution Solution

Why is there toxic fumes in the air and pollution in the water? Because that’s what’s presently necessary to expose humanity’s belief in separation.

The beauty in these manifestations is the uncomfortable feelings being triggered by them. Said feelings are living proof that the pollution/toxicity is a Gift meant to help humanity manifest the Heaven on Earth that is our birthright.

The more we move toward trying to stop the pollution/toxicity, the more we are Given to try and clean up. But, as it’s recognized that the triggered feeling is the root cause of the perceived problem – those feelings can be embraced – and real changes can happen.

Unnecessary Habits

Certain people, belief systems, rituals, foods, places, psychedelic substances, etc. may serve an important purpose in expanding your awareness of Truth.

But they can also become a hinderance to that expansion if you believe you Need them beyond the point where the benefit has been received.

Notice when you are mentally or physically running to something or someone to make you feel better. And remember that the purpose of discomfort is not to make you run toward comfort – it’s an opportunity to feel deeply into the discomfort so that it may be transmuted into energy for more authentic expression.

In this remembrance, unnecessary habits will fall on their own. There’s nothing else to do or undo. You are Perfect.

Law of Love

The only Law is Love. Laws, rules and moral codes may seem to condemn you by keeping your mind in denial of Love. But even this is ordained by Love for the purpose of awakening the mind out of its self concept of struggle and suffering.

No harm can come out of Love. In this way, sharing Love with all the World protects you from worldly effects such as laws, shame and punishment. But if you choose to resist worldly powers, Love is also withheld from the World, and in that withholding you suffer according to the laws of the world.

In this awareness, you are invited to Give up all resistance, and simply Love.

Let Children Be

In many ways children serve humanity by exposing inner anger. Controlling the child’s behavior is just another way of repressing that anger.

How about letting the Child be as (s)he is, and finally feeling the emotional charge his/her expression is triggering in you, hmmm?


Having goals for the child is just asking for suffering – for you and for them. 

Give it up! You can’t possibly know what’s right for them. The child is a sovereign being with their own unique purpose – let them Be.


A true leader doesn’t need other people to follow…

The belief that you need to change people’s perception in oder to influence them into alignment with what you hold to be true – is evidence of that Ego (energy of fear) is being served by your attempts at ‘leadership’.

If this is the case, you’re encouraged to stand down and feel deeply into the emotional vibration that this train of thought triggers in your body.

This conscious ‘feeling in’ eventually dissolves the need for people to see it your way – thus making you the Leader of Heavenly consequences no matter what you happen to be doing.

Power of Awareness

The mind is so good at illusion that it can lead you to believe that you have transcended an emotionally unpleasant state.

Such is the illusion that follows mental suppression of emotional dis-ease…and whatever has been suppressed gains energy, only to manifest more powerfully at another point in time, and often in another form.

The only way out of any pattern of discomfort is to go through it. So you’re invited to go deep into whatever feelings arise – instead of looking to some magical way to transcend them.

It’s in this way that the seed emotional discord can finally be realized and transmuted by the power of Awareness – the material consequences of which is truly Magical.

Your Temple

Your body is your temple. Spirit speaks through the resonance that you can feel in your being.

However, when you buy into thoughts that people and things in the outside world caused what’s being felt, you allow your temple to be desecrated.

While you always remain innocent, following these trains of thought gives egoic mind authority over your life, which is only capable of creating conflict in your experience and in your world.

Through mindful breathing and trusting that all you *need* is to go through what’s being felt, authority over your life is returned to the Source of mind – the One who can deliver you from all perceived limitation.