Monthly Archives: March 2013

Vengeful Thoughts

Vengeful thoughts are born out of the core belief that Love is something that must be earned. Such thoughts arise on fearful emotional patterns that began in infancy - when we first took this false idea as truth.

The idea…

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Experiencing Peace

Once we awaken to the peace that we are, my darling, there is no longer any need to manipulate an experience of peace by trying to awaken other people.

Peaceful You Are

The need to stop anyone's behavior or wait for their behavior to change is based on the false idea that Peace can be created through control and suppression.

Notice where you try to manipulate a Peaceful experience by getting people…

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Pollution Solution

Why is there toxic fumes in the air and pollution in the water? Because that's what's presently necessary to expose humanity's belief in separation.

The beauty in these manifestations is the uncomfortable feelings being triggered by them. Said feelings are…

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Unnecessary Habits

Certain people, belief systems, rituals, foods, places, psychedelic substances, etc. may serve an important purpose in expanding your awareness of Truth.

But they can also become a hinderance to that expansion if you believe you Need them beyond the point…

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Law of Love

The only Law is Love. Laws, rules and moral codes may seem to condemn you by keeping your mind in denial of Love. But even this is ordained by Love for the purpose of awakening the mind out of its…

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Let Children Be

In many ways children serve humanity by exposing inner anger. Controlling the child's behavior is just another way of repressing that anger.

How about letting the Child be as (s)he is, and finally feeling the emotional charge his/her expression is…

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A true leader doesn't need other people to follow...

The belief that you need to change people's perception in oder to influence them into alignment with what you hold to be true - is evidence of that Ego (energy of…

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Power of Awareness

The mind is so good at illusion that it can lead you to believe that you have transcended an emotionally unpleasant state.

Such is the illusion that follows mental suppression of emotional dis-ease...and whatever has been suppressed gains energy, only…

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Your Temple

Your body is your temple. Spirit speaks through the resonance that you can feel in your being.

However, when you buy into thoughts that people and things in the outside world caused what's being felt, you allow your temple to…

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