Loving Children

Children raised in loving acceptance for all of their behavior become grown ups who don’t need to steal, harm, etc…because they feel complete within themselves.

This is quite a bit different than refraining from criminal activity because of boundaries imposed by other people, and fear of punishment.

Destiny is Now

Our Destiny is Now. Not in some future moment. We are abundantly provided with all of the resources we require to live our Destiny in the present moment.

The more we utilize whatever resources we have been given to share and expand present moment awareness, the more resources we are gracefully given as required to support this purpose.

Forgive the Attacker

When we are able to unconditionally forgive our attackers, there will be no more attacks.

For every attacker comes from within. The external attack is only a reflection of lack of forgiveness aka fear.

This isn’t about trying to control what’s going to happen – that only leads to more suffering.

We all hold memories of being attacked in different forms, whether physically, verbally, financially, etc. With those memories we automatically attach judgment that something went wrong, fear that it will happen again, and a need to keep it from happening again.

This way of being projects an energetic charge from aura that powerfully attracts more of what we are not wanting for ourselves and for the world – no matter what measures we take in the physical. Thus, the key to creating a more loving environment is in diffusing the energetic charge within our own field of awareness – ie: forgiveness.

How to forgive? Feel into the energetic charge that arises in our bodies when we think about the attacker, focus on breathing without pausing, and let the corresponding thoughts rise and fall on their own.


When we make other people follow our rules for living, we create suffering for everyone. NoBody, not children, employees, countries, the self etc. deserve to have discipline imposed upon them.

Commitment to live the virtues of Love is born out of experimentation, stillness and self reflection.

But when people are forced to conform to the disciplinarian’s code of conduct (even when done out of love), the energy that would have expressed otherwise breeds quiet desperation, resentment and dis-ease.

People simply can’t be kept in check forever. Eventually their inner pain will materialize in the world of form.
This plays out as abuse of all kinds, terrorism, war, accidents, illness and suicide.

The most difficult thing for the conditioned mind is to just let people (self and others) be as they are, and attend to any emotional discomfort that arises around our perception of the offending behavior. This is especially true when it comes to our children, whom we think we are supposed to mold into decent people.

But know that this is a necessary thing if we intend our individual and collective experience to be moved toward Peaceful Freedom. We are fully supported whether we choose Control or Freedom – and whatever we choose will be exponentially reflected back to us.

Addicted to Time

When we are no longer addicted to living in a time-based reality, all things that need to be done are done effortlessly – without hurry or worry – only Joy of Being. We’re invited Now to return our attention to the breath and the heart beating in our bodies – Just for a moment – remember that time is a concept of mind.


‘Someday’ is a condition that can never be met in the present moment. Waiting for ‘Someday’ to do as we choose enforces the judgment that This Moment lacks the resources we require to live in harmony with our desires.

While it may appear that we are constricted physically, financially, etc., we are always doing as we choose. In this way, using *hope for more favorable circumstances in the future* as our reason for Not doing as we choose Right Now – is also a choice.


Busyness and ideas that we are behind in our work, chores, exercise routines etc. are mind made concepts designed to enforce the illusion of a time based reality.

Such is a protective mechanism impressed upon us since infancy -when we believed the mental judgment that the present moment was too painful to bear.

By trying to ‘catch up’ we unconsciously enforce such judgment – which leads us deeper into the delusion of living in time, and a hurried way of being.

We are invited HereNow to just stop doing for one minute, become aware of our breathing in the present moment, and ask who it is that thinks we need to get somewhere else.

The more we take this kind of ‘breather’ whenever we feel like we are behind schedule or otherwise hurried, we accumulate awareness of Timeless Life, which leads to living in freedom despite all perceived limitations.

Others in Dream State

People who appear to be living unconsciously are perfectly Divine in their slumber. They are asleep because they require more rest before the soul rouses them out of the dream state.

Any attempt to wake them up is an attempt to interfere with the soul’s process – which in effect leads to suffering.

We need not interfere, but if we are triggered by anyone’s unconscious behavior, we are invited to awaken out of our selves by attending to our own emotional discomfort.

Things We Have

The things that we have and the things that we try to get are just for creative play. To the extent we make it ‘matter’ to us, we create our own suffering.

What’s really relevant is how we meet the Love within everybody and everything that comes into our field of awareness.

How we interact with our world determines how our world unfolds around us – so it serves us to use the things we have and the things we are after for the purpose of Love – instead of using Love to try and keep what we have and/or get more of what we want.