Abundance isn’t in the accumulation of money, achievement of goals, or getting what we want. Abundance is the limitless potential of consciousness, perpetually coming into form as self, reality and life.

All perceived circumstances are illusion, Abundantly manifested according to our present vibrational state of being. In this way, whether we perceive abundance or lack in our lives and in our world depends entirely upon how much Prosperity we have allowed to accumulate within and through our present moment experiences.

To be prosperous is to appreciate the Abundance of This Moment. This means noticing when we think untruths like ‘I can’t afford that’, I don’t have time for that’, ‘I need this’, ‘It has to happen this way’, or ‘We need to stop them from doing that’ – and instead of validating the dramatic story of our plight – we feel into the vibrational consequence of believing the false pattern of thought.

This brings Light to our plight, and allows programmed beliefs in Lack to be resolved – so that we may realize our Abundant potential to turn all matters of conflict into harmony – and manifest the Heavenly realm that is our birthright.


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Go Figure

You don’t have to figure anything out. The answers just come to you on the spur of the moment, as they are required.

It only seems like you have to figure things out because that’s what you are currently programmed to believe. NOW, feel into the energetic resonance of that belief, and allow it to resolve.


All action is Choiceless. Even when we think we planned it, Action happens automatically according to the vibrational resonance of every thought that came before it.

There is nothing to do but relax our choices and fall in Love.

Transmuting Anger

There’s nothing wrong with Anger – Anger is just a distorted form of Love – energy in motion that arises out of mental confusion. Acting while feeling angry – even so called ‘righteous anger’ – serves to perpetuate the energy of anger in our own vibration, in our personal manifestations and for the collective world.

Notwithstanding the consequences, there’s nothing wrong with acting out of Anger either. Whatever expresses is what’s required, and for those who have been repressing Anger, expressing it is an advancement toward liberation.

Anger is a message that we are perceiving a circumstance that reflects a false belief which was impressed upon us in our infancy. The present circumstance is only relevant to our Anger in that it provides a storyline we can use to justify feeling Angry, and thus give more Life Force Energy to its vibration.

Without our belief that any circumstance or person is responsible for our Angry feeling, energy that was being directed to support and sustain Anger becomes available for inspired service to pure Love. To facilitate this transmutation through our individual awareness requires feeling into Anger’s vibration when it arises, without acting on it, or otherwise feeding it with further belief in our mental projections about it.

In this way, Anger can play itself out, until all that’s left is detached energy – which is automatically repurposed in service to unbounded Love.

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t stay focused right away, or if you don’t perceive immediate results . Humanity has been conditioned for millennia to serve anger over inspiration, and the mind naturally grips to and protects what’s known – so you may experience feeling worse before you feel better.

Your consistent intent and attention in this regard is an investment that pays off forever. Just do your best and keep it up – eventually the results will speak for themselves.

Forgiveness and Compassion

Forgiveness is the key to compassionate communication. Forgiveness happens when we fully realize that what we perceived to be hurtful behavior was an innocent attempt to get Love.

This does not mean we purposely subject ourselves to hurtful behavior or consciously engage in hurtful behavior.

When we perceive hurtful behavior (whether in the moment or as a reverberation from a past memory) , we create space for ourselves – not drama. If need be, we let other people know we require some time alone – we don’t make anyone out to be wrong.

We breathe consciously while feeling into and embracing the energetic resonance that creates our perception of hurtful behavior, and allow that resonance to change and subside on its own.

We hold space for ourselves in this way for as long and as often as necessary. We know forgiveness has occurred when we are no longer holding the person (self or other) in condemnation about the behavior, we no longer feel remorseful or victimized by it, and we can appreciate the awakening opportunity that has been presented.

From this perspective, we can see clearly whether communication and/or conscious physical movement into alignment with our present truth is necessary – and we can proceed effortlessly in the energy of Compassion.