What to Do

There is no need to think about what we are going to do. Simply watching the thoughts that plan out our actions without reacting allows us to be more available to Spirit’s guidance as to what’s being asked of us right now.

It may be that it’s time to focus our energy on making a plan right now, and we can make that plan without following thought about How we are going to carry it out.

No End to Resistance

Unlimited ImaginationThere is no end to resistance as long as we are manifested in a creative environment because the sensation of resistance exposes our presently held limitations and informs the course toward new limitations more in alignment our creative visions and heartfelt desires.

We are all aspects of creativity, unlimited beings with our unique visions and expressions being an integral part of the tapestry of this limitation-based ‘reality’. Resistant feeling is like a signpost that invites us to stretch imagination beyond that which we currently hold to be true in order to shift ‘reality’ toward the creative visions and heartfelt desires we hold for ourselves and for our world.

Seeing resistant feeling as something wrong is of itself the cause of frustration, pain and suffering as it holds us to mental patterns that continually recreate what’s already known.

Nothing is ever going wrong! Resistance is a Gift, but as long as we perceive it as a curse, we make it so.

The ongoing practice of receiving the Gift is to recognize when resistant feeling arises, and watch the accompanying thoughts as if watching a show, movie or play, and notice how the feeling moves and evolves. If resistance is acted upon, that’s ok. We simply return to watching as soon as possible.

This practice uses resistance to bring unconscious beliefs into awareness, where they can easily and automatically be resolved. Each of us is invited to do this for ourselves and for the world, and to keep going until every upset is met with compassion, appreciation and peace.

Self Talk

Whenever we talk disparagingly about someone or to someone, we are talking about ourselves.

Paying attention to how our words make us feel can reveal the emotional wounds we are carrying.

Feeling those emotional wounds without mentally buying in to any story about self or another allows those wounds to heal.

Free Energy

Time is Art, Energy is Free and Resources can flow from incalculable sources.

We’ve been programmed to put ‘dollars per hour’ value on the Energy we share in service to our world. This causes us to exert control over the limitless Energy thats meant to enrich our world and reflect back to us in like kind.

Through this programming, we have forgotten that Time was created for Artful Expression, that Love is Free Energy and that the Energy projected through us is always generously returned.

This does not mean we need to immediately quit our jobs, or stop charging a fee for our services. It’s just a matter of recognizing that we are Creative Beings, that our Creative Energy is Free – and in that recognition, allowing our Energy to flow freely whenever we can do so without expected reciprocation.

As we come to recognize and live these Truths our world evolves to reflect the same.

Passionate Love

The idea that passion between people should continue for any longer than it does creates the illusion that something has gone wrong – and thus makes us suffer.

Whether one partner in the passionate exchange dies, the partnership collapses, or it becomes dispassionate – it is Right in that it paves the way for us to rekindle the flame of our inner passion in a state of greater awareness.

As we let go of wanting things to be different than they are right now, we can re-experience the feeling of passionate love within ourselves. And whatever feelings dominate our experience are made manifest in the physical form.

This is not to say that feeling of loss is not valid. Indeed, we must go through feelings of loss if we are move deeper into our passion.

But to recognize that none of the ideas that arise with the feeling of loss are actually the truth allows us to move into a renewed passion for what was, what is, and what can be.

Self Discipline

Self discipline, in the common sense is a device for empowering the ego. But properly directed self discipline can deconstruct the self and lead to ultimate freedom.

What’s mostly thought of as self discipline is making the self do something we think we outta do, or not do something we thing we shouldn’t do. These are delusional attitudes that give mental conditioning more control over our lives.

The ability to self discipline is an important key to Freedom through realizing the Truth of who we are, but self discipline is only valuable when its wielded in service to Spirit/God/The One.

Specifically, having the will and the intent, while emotionally triggered, to witness all forms of thought without following them, to remain present to the breath, and to feel unconditionally what’s coming up is the ONLY form of self discipline that affects the cause of internal and external dis-ease.

This ability is developed through practicing stillness of mind – which means consistently taking time out of the busy lives we have created to do nothing ‘productive’ but watch our thoughts.

All of our behavior changes organically, in exactly the way it ‘should’, in response to awareness of Truth which comes through stillness – while every trip of disciplining the self to be a certain way is in and of itself resistance to the Truth we seek.

Visions and Fears

As our evolution becomes less hindered by habitual thought, we receive visions of ourselves and our world in a higher form.

As these visions occur its just natural for programmed thought to come in with all the ‘reasons’ that our visions would be difficult or impossible to manifest, or about ‘how’ we’re going to make them manifest.

As we feel into these fears with conscious breath, our visions become more powerful. This is not the same as trying to use more thought to convince ourselves that our fears are invalid.

Fear is valid and its diffused by our going through it experientially, not by thinking our way around it.

As our fears are diffused, we can Trust the grand design of the Universe, which renders us free to step Joyfully and consistently in the direction of our visions with full expectation that our visions will come true – but without attachment to any of the details.

Wisdom from Pain

To extract Wisdom from any form of Pain or Discomfort, we must be willing to penetrate through the drama created by thought, and bear witness to whatever feeling sensations are present.

Focusing awareness on the breath, no matter what’s happening, allows us to direct the mind toward that which is truly relevant.