Response to Wrongdoing

People are projections of subtle energies. We attract and create people in our world according to the thoughts we give attention toward.

To the extent we give attention to thoughts that say we do wrong or have done wrong, we attract people who will show us that they are hurt by our wrongdoings. In response to their pain we are habitually drawn to either follow thoughts that make us out to be bad, stupid or unworthy; or we play innocent or righteous by defending our actions.

But when we recognize that all actions are compulsive, and the only choice we really have is in our response to what’s here now – our condemning and defensive thoughts cannot adhere to anything in our consciousness.

In this way, compassion rushes in as a loving support through all of the emotional energy being brought up in self and the other – as we simultaneously begin attracting people of a lighter vibration into our experience.

When we find ourselves in patterns of pain, it’s helpful to ask ourselves (repeatedly if necessary) whether we’re willing to let go of the story we’re telling, and just be Love in this moment right now.

The letting go happens on it’s own through our willingness to face the feelings being dredged up and our intent to stop telling the same old story. Attention directed in this manner allows a lightening up in our personal projections – which automatically attracts more people who support and appreciate the Light that we are.

Dualistic World

There is no moving beyond or above this dualistic world while we are in human form. The whole point of materializing in this environment is to experience right here, right now, in This.

Awakening is simply recognizing in the present moment that the thoughts we have about ourselves do not define us, the thoughts we have about other people do not define them, and the thoughts we have about the world do not define the world.

Past, Present, Future

Past, present and future thinking are all part of the illusion. Nothing is right or wrong about any of it.

But believing that thought says anything about who we are leads to suffering.

We don’t get to choose which thoughts cross our awareness. Free will is in our ability to let thought happen while recognizing it as untruth – right here – right now – with this breath only.

Missing People

Who says we need to miss people when they move away, die or stop communicating with us for whatever reason? Missing is just energy spent denying the perfection of this moment.

There’s nothing wrong with such denial, it’s just something to be honest about when we’re ready. Such honesty entails allowing the feeling to be as it is without buying into the story that the personal loss is the real reason for the feeling.

In this way, acceptance is allowed to rush in, and we can appreciate the gift of the personal experience in whatever form it is being presented right now.

Our relationship with others is the energy we project in response to our perception of them. We are always in relationship with the people we experience. Even when we are not communicating with them for whatever reason, the energy we project about them is in relationship to our perception of them.

In this way, missing anyone is a projection that our relationship with another person is not fulfilling in the present moment. And when one part of reality is not fulfilling, we make ourselves out to be incomplete- and Life responds with more ‘proof’ that we need something external to feel complete.

May we all enjoy our memories of other people, and allow that joy to be our fulfillment in this moment – the only moment that exists.