No Faith in People

We put faith in people when we expect them to perform, behave or give us something in the future. This is a set up for disappointment and conflicted relationships.

When we are honoring our present-moment choice to relate with a person, no faith in that person is required.

To honor what we are choosing now is only a matter of giving up expectations in the moment they cross our awareness.

Giving it up happens naturally when we recognize every expectation for what it is – a set-up for suffering.

Unhindered Joy

Everything that is done through our bodies and everything that we experience is a choice we make from a point of view that’s beyond our cognitive senses.

Even the abuse that we may have endured in the past was chosen by us from the perspective that we could maintain Peace no matter what – and that Peace would not only keep us uplifted, but it would invite our fellow humans into a lighter way of being.

Only in this moment can we choose to perceive the past from a point of view that unlocks the conditions we have placed on this world – so that we may be an example of unhindered Joy that’s possible for everyone.

Money Issues

We don’t need to make it about money because we don’t really make money come to us anyways. We are given the amount of money needed to reflect our willingness to receive.

Wherever there is judgment about money or about how we’re going to survive and thrive – that’s unwillingness to receive.

Examples of judgment:

Dependence on a job, the government or another person for money or other allowances.

The idea that money is wrong, is being used wrongly, or is the root of evil.

The conclusion that we can’t do something because of a money issue.

The conclusion that we must sacrifice ourselves in order to support ourselves or our families.