Monthly Archives: July 2013

No Faith in People

We put faith in people when we expect them to perform, behave or give us something in the future. This is a set up for disappointment and conflicted relationships.

When we are honoring our present-moment choice to relate with a…

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Unhindered Joy

Everything that is done through our bodies and everything that we experience is a choice we make from a point of view that's beyond our cognitive senses.

Even the abuse that we may have endured in the past was chosen…

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Money Issues

We don't need to make it about money because we don't really make money come to us anyways. We are given the amount of money needed to reflect our willingness to receive.

Wherever there is judgment about money or about…

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Never a Loss

We never really lose anything or anyone. What appears to be a loss is really an invitation to allow ourselves to be moved in alignment with greater Joy.