Rest in Peace

Is it possible to rest in Peace while experiencing emotional upset?

Yes! It’s incredibly basic. It entails observing the emotional upset while recognizing that the thoughts which give rise to the upset are False. In this way, the emotional effects of thought patterns can be experienced from the perspective of Peace, and whatever is no longer necessary dissolves naturally.


People help you experience the effects of whatever you are taking as truth.

If your mind values Peace, you express gratitude for people no matter how they show up. If your mind value conflict, it looks for ways to condemn people and insist that they have done wrong.

Just noticing what the mind deems valuable based on its expression allows an immediate reconfiguration of beliefs according to your best interest. Moreover, said noticing detaches you from the movement of mind, and allows you to experience deep rest even while the mind engages in confusion and conflict.


Every person, including your personal self, is reflecting your own consciousness. Any Lack you perceive in people is only a shadow cast by who you Think you are – in this case it’s belief that you are someBody who is vulnerable to lack, coupled with Fear of that possibility being made real for you.

Surrender to the emotion that thoughts of lack produce, and to the extent you’re willing to experience them fully, they will automatically be offered up so that everyBody is allowed to experience more of the purity, innocence and abundance that You are.


Our Salvation lies in recognizing God’s presence in All beings. When we lose sight of this, we can be tricked into thinking that our Purpose is to Save the world we have made through erroneous perception.


To protest anything we must first see it as separate from what our own mind has created, reject it, and then we must further delude ourselves into believing that once we change or get rid of the thing in question, our world will be better than it is right now.

We are so cute & innocent in our self important and heroic efforts to save ourselves and others from the Hell we continuously permit to be made in the mind and projected into our world. In doing so, we broadcast the energy of protest, thereby commanding life to give us more to protest about.

All the while the Kingdom of Heaven remains HereNow – discoverable only through Willingness to give up what we think we know and Give Thanks.

Ego is Not Real

Ego is not real – we made it up. But denying the authority we have given Ego over our awareness only makes Ego (energy of fear) more powerful in this regard.

To allow Ego to be reconfigured and returned it to its correct place as servant to our God Self, we are being invited to employ vigilance in recognizing thoughts that are based on the false idea that we can harm or be harmed.