Monthly Archives: August 2013

Rest in Peace

Is it possible to rest in Peace while experiencing emotional upset?

Yes! It’s incredibly basic. It entails observing the emotional upset while recognizing that the thoughts which give rise to the upset are False. In this way, the emotional effects…

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Analytical Mind

The analytical mind is destructive. It makes people, places and things out to be wrong in order to justify its agenda of attack.

Place no value on such ideas as they arise in your experience, and let Peace prevail.


Whilst experiencing emotional discomfort or pain – healing occurs to the extent we are determined to see things differently.


People help you experience the effects of whatever you are taking as truth.

If your mind values Peace, you express gratitude for people no matter how they show up. If your mind value conflict, it looks for ways to condemn…

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Every person, including your personal self, is reflecting your own consciousness. Any Lack you perceive in people is only a shadow cast by who you Think you are – in this case it’s belief that you are someBody who is…

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Self Belief

We make people out to be however we need to experience the effects of the beliefs we hold about ourselves. Beyond the dualistic mind – there are no people – only a single source of unlimited awareness in love with All of creation.

Political Confines

Give ’em a break! Political leaders of our world are doing the best job possible within the confines of the delusional belief that we are separate and need protection from one another.


Our Salvation lies in recognizing God’s presence in All beings. When we lose sight of this, we can be tricked into thinking that our Purpose is to Save the world we have made through erroneous perception.


To protest anything we must first see it as separate from what our own mind has created, reject it, and then we must further delude ourselves into believing that once we change or get rid of the thing in question,…

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Ego is Not Real

Ego is not real – we made it up. But denying the authority we have given Ego over our awareness only makes Ego (energy of fear) more powerful in this regard.

To allow Ego to be reconfigured and returned it…

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