Real Love

Egoic mind needs proof of love because it can only conceive of love that is the opposite of fear, and when the world doesn’t conform to the ego’s idea of love, fear takes over.

Real Love cannot be proven. It can only be experienced by the one who has given up searching for proof.


The real cause of emotional excitement or upset is never what it appears to be. Emotion is a preview of what’s being made out of the beliefs we are presently taking as true.

By letting go of the programmed impulse to argue with or change the perceived cause of emotional turmoil, the underlying misperceptions can be acknowledged and thereby healed.

No Separate Bodies

Ego seeks validation, acceptance and approval from others in order to validate and reinforce the belief that your body is separate from other bodies. It even tricks the mind into making up different levels of self realization to compare the position of your personal self with the others in your perception.

You’re invited to notice when this Belief is asserting itself with willingness to Remember that there are really NO levels and NOTHING to compare.

Harmonious Behavior

It’s not about whether other people behave harmoniously in our presence. It’s about whether our inner disturbance is being triggered by their behavior.

This is always an opportunity to recognize that the other is reflecting aspects of self that we have disowned. Once we embrace the other to the point that we do not want them to be different than they are, the affected fragments of self return to their source – and the same offending behavior is no longer a trigger.