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No Faith in Guilt

I know you without the guilt you are holding because I have NO faith in the version of you that's projected through guilty conscience.

My allegiance is only to Christ - who is in You since before the world began, and forever unto eternity.


Everything is sustained by the Love of God. We only experience Lack to the extent we believe we are sustained by things, people or systems of this world.


There's no substitute for innocence. Laws, rules and moral codes are all mind-made devices to replicate the God-given innocence humanity thinks to be lost.

As such devices lead to increasing chaos and destruction, each one will be moved to give…

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Guilt is Hell

Guilt is Hell. The guilty operate under the false idea that their salvation lies in giving guilt away.

Bless these teachers of sin. Your blessing is their saving grace, and yours.

Extending the Blessing

It's ordinary to notice what's wrong in our sight and seek to correct it.

It's extraordinary to give up our judgments and allow the source of all creativity to play through our beingness - making gentle corrections along the way.…

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Nothing Cannot be Done

There's nothing that can't be done or undone.

It's only awareness, entranced by the illusion of separation, that's capable of projecting perceived limitations upon the world.

The Effect

The world we see is only an effect of our consciousness. Trying to fix an effect (no matter how 'good' the intention), denies the cause - which must lead deeper into delusion and dis-ease.

Loving through the illusion will save…

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Heaven is the Only Truth

Heaven is the only Truth, but all attempts to replicate Heaven lead toward Hell-ish consequences.

The experience of Heaven on Earth is not only possible - it is our birthright. It happens effortlessly for the one who's willing to forgive…

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Destructive by Design

The analytical mind is destructive by design. Its function is based on faith in facts – which is a denial of Wholeness.

This is neither negative nor positive, it’s only to be observed.


The only thing that would make communication feel difficult is the idea that we must win and not lose. If we're willing to give that up completely, our communications will be transformed into playful expressions of One Love.