Forgiveness is something you can allow within your awareness. It has nothing to do with other people, their behavior or whether they seek your forgiveness.

Simply be Willing to let your ideas about the person, people and/or situation arise and subside without adding energy to them. Forgiveness happens automatically, as people and situations arrange themselves to reflect the same.


Limitless creativity and abundance are inherent aspects of the Love that you are.

However, you place limits on these aspects while you seek to get something out of sharing this Love, and through your seeking to parlay your sharing into something greater for your self.

Shared Love is its own reward. Seek not for worldly reward, and you will discover that there is nothing which you do not already possess.


If the world seems to be in a state of confusion, there’s nothing to worry about.

This is just a reflection of the mind’s confusion – being brought to your awareness so that you may be inspired to give up what you think to be true.

Pain and Fear

All physical pain and suffering are a direct result of fearful thinking.

Making rules, laws and health care systems to prevent pain and suffering may temporarily suppress symptoms, but they ultimately exacerbate the cause through their inherent denial of what’s True.

God’s Gift

Forgiveness through our Awareness of the world is God’s Gift to the world. But wanting for Gifts of this world and within life circumstances only resists God’s Gift of Forgiveness – which in turn condemns the world to suffering.

The Time is Now to give up your grievances so that you may rest in the Truth of who you are. Blessed Be!


Peace is an essential aspect of our eternal being. As such, the peace that we are can never be disturbed.

However, peace can appear to be disturbed when perception is darkened by the grievances we hold.

To hold grievances and to suffer for them has become “normal” because our grievances are justified by our belief in a separate self, and it’s our allegiance to grievances that appears to protect that separate self from harm.

In truth though, there is no separate self who can be harmed, and holding grievances is the Only thing making us appear unsafe and susceptible to wrongdoing in the world we have made.

Complete safety and friendship with all beings is our birthright – which can be claimed through our Willingness to lay aside grievances in the moment our Peace appears to be disturbed.

May every being rest in eternal Peace and Happiness. Aloha!