Monthly Archives: December 2013


The experience and the experiencer are make believe. You are before these.

Lost Love

We miss people not because we love them. We miss people because we depend on them to fulfill a perceived insufficiency.

There is no loss in true love.


Whether one claims to be a believer or non-believer, it's the same thing. Idolatry of Thought is the issue in both cases.

True understanding is beyond Belief, and it's Given to the one listens to the words without collecting them.

The Kingdom

Christ's Kingdom of Heaven is born in the Heart of Humanity.

To accept this Gift, simply Repent all belief in judgment, worry, suffering and struggle.


Nothing ever happens, so there is nothing to forgive.


There's no 'me' and no growth. These are part of the play. You are complete and content right now - beneath any confusion or feelings that may be surfacing.

All for You

If you believe they shouldn't be doing it, that's precisely why they keep doing it. It's ALL for You.

Your Reflection

Other people can never reflect who you are, they only reflect who you think you are.

Goals and Aspirations

Do not concern yourself with desires, aspirations or goals. Let these things have their own play so that your attention may be more fully available for what's arising in This moment.

Emotion is Not Real

Emotion is not real - it's a mental fabrication. To experience the sensation yet remain unaffected thereby, stay focused on the space within which the Emotional charge is being expressed.